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  1. PM sent in half shafts
  2. Here are a few B bodies I've set aside in the back of the shop. From left to right: 68 GTX, 68 Roadrunner post, 70 Super Bee 68 Charger RT I bought out of San Antonio Two weeks after I bought the 1968 Charger RT, I ended up putting a quick deal for this 1969 Charger survivor. The gentleman I bought it from had owned it since 1977 and had kept it in storage since 1985. I heard about the car and tracked him down 9 months before but he was not interested in selling. I called him periodically over the next 9 months with no luck. One day, out of the blue, he contacted me saying he was thinking of selling so we arranged a time for me to come look. I showed up to "look" at it with a trailer and cash. We struck a deal and I trailered it home. It is in amazing shape. It's got some light rust here and there but the frame rails and floor pans are a thing of beauty. The original 383/2bbl has never been out of the car. The paint is 95% original except for a couple touchups and the interior is original.
  3. This is how my 70 Barracuda build started. I bought the car back in 2008 off Craigslist just like this....it was originally a 383/4bbl/auto trans car but I didn't get an engine, trans, or fender tag. I bought this 1969 Belvedere from the original owner. The title was the original title dated April 1969! It was a 383/2bbl/Auto car that I drove for awhile. Eventually I needed the money to buy a van (for kids) and sold it. I miss the car but it's only 30 miles away and the guy who bought it from me is in the middle of a full blown resto on it My oldest daughter (then 3 years old) is in the front seat.
  4. You are correct-I thought you were asking what upper control arms I will be using. The mounts will be fabricated and moved up and I meant to say that I had been looking or two YEARS....not two months
  5. Yeah-you're not exaggerating at all. 2nd gen Chargers (68-70) are the hottest Mopars out there. I'd been watching Craigslist and eBay for two YEARS and came to the conclusion that if the car makes it to one of those two sites, it's too late for a decent deal.
  6. Snagged this 68 Charger RT out of San Antonio. Slipped a rear axle under it to roll it around. Here it is rinsed off in front of the shop Got this 68 GTX out of Tulsa. It's tubbed with roll cage, narrowed rearend, subframes tied, disc brakes on all 4 corners, and pretty much ready for paint. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it... At least you know I haven't been slacking.....I just haven't gotten much done on the Barracuda because I've got way too many projects going.....
  7. Thanks everyone! It's been awhile since I lurked. I've been super busy with 4 kids, work, parting out wrecked SRT8's, chasing 68-70 B/E bodies. While my Barracuda wasn't being worked on, I put up a 40x50' shop in my back yard, found/bought a survivor 1969 Charger, and bought a bunch of other 68-70 mopars. Overall, the timing of everything has been good, but I'm ready to see some progress!! Blue Blur-I am using the RMS Alterktion front suspension which comes with upper control arms that are mounted off the k frame. Troy-Stop by anytime! I just went through your thread today and am impressed with your progress and your project! On the day I bought the 69 Charger. Original paint/interior. 383/2bbl has never been out of the car.... After a rinse
  8. Originally I only wanted new frame rails from the tail to the firewall because the front rails looked good from the outside. Matt convinced me to go with fabricated front frame rails that would raise the altercation front suspension up into the car so it could ride lower without interference. I finally consented and I'm glad I did. Matt cut a window in the right front frame rail and the inside was discussing. It was filled with dirt, rust, and mouse poop/nesting material. Im guessing the inside of many of these frame rails look like this. Next Matt traced the existing frame rail contours and modified the sweep. He then cut the 4 sides of each rail from flat steel and began welding corners. Needless to say....I was impressed... Here are the corners all welded/dressed: These frame rails will raise front suspension a little more then 2.5" up into the car This picture does a great job of showing the contour of the new front rails. Even though I knew it was coming, seeing the car without front frame rails was still a bit shocking New rails in the car...
  9. I also ordered up a 4.10 Strange 60 rear end with S Track limited slip and a housing that is provisioned for a torque arm
  10. I haven't updated for quite some time. Matt took another job for about 18 months that worked him long hours so he didn't have much time to work on cars. A few months ago he started working for himself again so progress has started again. Ordered some Forgelines through Matt's Classic Bowties. MCB had excellent communication and customer service. I would highly recommend calling them for a quote if you ever order custom wheels. Mine are 20x12 out back and 19x9 up front. I wanted 345 tires out back but Michelin jerked me around for 4 months with several missed dates so I settled for 335's. Some pics of the wheels under the car for mockup... A few more
  11. If the impact is far enough away from the sensor or if the car crumples in a way that dampens the shock felt by the impact sensor, the airbag won't deploy. I watch nearly every wrecked SRT that comes through multiple insurance companies. I've bought over 30 SRT's and it's amazing the beatings some cars take without blowing the bags.
  12. looks good Troy! stop by again sometime
  13. Finally-some new pics as promised. This is the first set of tires I bought for mockup purposes. They were 315-35-20 and they just weren't wide enough as you can see by the clearance between the tire sidewall and the frame rail. I've since decided to got with a 345-30-20. This profile view is my favorite: A few more pics
  14. I don't think so. I have collected my TR6060s from wrecked cars I have parted out or from a salvage yard in Minnesota (I bought 3 from them). More pics to come this week.
  15. Thanks for stopping by Troy. It was nice to meet you