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  1. Contact a builder and have them select the right cam for your needs. More bang for the buck and better results. Don't forget springs... push rods and 6.1 lifters.... maybe also upgrade to a larger TB to compliment the cam. Stevo
  2. Welcome back.... I remember your 2010..... wild ride. Saw the Polara pix.... awesome.... and nasty! Stevo
  3. Cheap..... these should sell..... Stevo
  4. Cool video Jay..... you in the elevens??? Who would of thunk eh? We all likes ya in the TENS!!! Stevo
  5. Pix or it didn't happen...... Stevo
  6. Says the Burrito boy.... Lol.... Stevo
  7. Did you mean Caliper? Bored? Go cruising in the RT.... Stevo
  8. Congratulations Chuck! Ok,,,,,, new tune,,,,,, smaller pulley,,,,, aluminum driveshaft,,,,,,what else? Stevo
  9. Jay could sell the Camaro and buy back Krush as his DD..... I am with you Gregger... Stevo
  10. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Gregger.... have fun.... Stevo
  11. Glad to hear Greg! Dodged a bullet there..... Happy trails.... Stevo
  12. Wow..... honourable Dude right there..... Hot Rodders stick together.... Stevo
  13. Sorry to see this Greg. Hemisam just sold the rear out of his RT. It would have been bullet proof for you. Dunno if I am right on this...... maybe a Hellcat/Demon rear from a wrecking yard? Would that fit/work? Stevo
  14. Good luck Greg! Make us proud! Stevo