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  1. Thanks.... I knew about the HC short block.... maybe be runs 12 pounds of boost? Stevo
  2. Remind me Greg...... you a six speed or auto? If auto..... what mods did you due to it to make it survive 10s? Stevo
  3. Congrats Gregger! You are not slow anymore! Outstanding Bud! Stevo
  4. BFNY
  5. Sold the wheels Greg? Stevoi
  6. Tah dah..... fingers crossed for ya Greg.... Stevo
  7. Flowmaster American Thunder FTW! No drone..... sexy tone.... Stevo
  8. I have the Maggie. It's a great blower for the street and does a great job. If I had to do it all over again.... I would choose the Whipple. If you plan on supercharging the 392.... you might want to talk to Alan.... screen name is Goehner. He has some stories to tell and can give you some helpful tips. They don't call them glass pistons for nuthin...... just saying. Good luck with whichever route you take. Stevo
  9. That is one sexy beast.....
  10. This!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ OEM 6.2 shorties.... Solo high flow cats.... Flowmaster SRT8 cat back..... and you are good to go.... Ask me how I know..... Stevo
  11. Very slick.... Stevo
  12. Very tight... Supercharger is the way to go.... Stevo
  13. Captalbator (he is on this forum) had the very same problem with his 8.8 diff. Pm him.... he will be happy to give you his solution to this annoying problem. Stevo
  14. Been awhile since we had some DRAMA at the MMF. Carry on.... Stevo