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  1. That is one sexy beast.....
  2. This!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ OEM 6.2 shorties.... Solo high flow cats.... Flowmaster SRT8 cat back..... and you are good to go.... Ask me how I know..... Stevo
  3. Very slick.... Stevo
  4. Very tight... Supercharger is the way to go.... Stevo
  5. Captalbator (he is on this forum) had the very same problem with his 8.8 diff. Pm him.... he will be happy to give you his solution to this annoying problem. Stevo
  6. Been awhile since we had some DRAMA at the MMF. Carry on.... Stevo
  7. Sorry to see Grag.... Best of luck. Did Sean sell his 392 Getrag yet? Stevo
  8. No more draggin Gregger? Stevo
  9. I have one of those badges.... well made.... last I heard, he stopped making them.... check with Speedy. Stevo
  10. Check this out..... perfect for your ride.... http://www.speedysgarage.net/challengerweb/challenger_mods/challenger_baer_brakes/challenger_baer_brakes.htm Stevo