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  1. Ummmm……. No! Stevo
  2. Good luck with your new "RACK!"
  3. You too drunk to post up some pics? Lol....
  4. Me waiting for payment..... Stevo
  5. Congratulations! Long distance drive too? Stevo
  6. and again....
  7. Bump for payment...... again..... Stevo
  8. Bump for payment....
  9. Bump for payment..... Stevo
  10. Bump for payment..... Stevo
  11. I never did give you my paypal address for the ring and pinion I sent you last June. merlin05wine@aol.com $125 plus 51 for shipping. Thanks, Stevo
  12. Wow... wow... wow.... Congratulations! What a beast of a car! Love the color.... that's my color.... and Alan's too! That last pic is suitable for framing! I bet your cheeks were hurting from smiling ear to ear for 900 miles! Happy for ya! Stevo