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  1. He is a legend in his own mind.....
  2. Email sent. Stevo
  3. I will check my garden shed.... that's where I saw them last.... a little rusty..... hope I did not chuck em.... 3.06 out of 2010 RT Auto..... Let you know tomorrow.... Stevo
  4. Just trying to help....... Stevo
  5. Greg.... call the dealer in the morning with your question.... I am sure they can tell you what you have.... Stevo
  6. Please post up your address..... we will have it delivered to you by the end of the month... Stevo
  7. Luv the Blue one..... Stevo
  8. Wow.... love the colour and the wheels. Dealer badge on the rear has got to go! Happy trails.... Stevo
  9. You got it....
  10. Yeah.... I miss the good old days...... remember all the trash talking? Lol.... man.... we were really fucked up eh? We had some good laffs...... good times.... Stevo
  11. Update..... car passed the emission test on Friday. Drove the car straight to the DMV to get plate sticker. Handed over the pass certificate.... ownership and insurance. He looks at his screen and says "No can do." You have been flagged for insurance. I pointed to the pink insurance slip dated June 30th. He replies... it takes 5 to 10 business days for it to hit our computer...… Wha?????? WTF???? he offered me a temporary sticker for $15..... no thanks..... see you next Friday. Stevo
  12. Update.... got home from work and tried the key again.... Tah Dah! Light is not flashing. I will check again tomorrow when cold just to be sure. If still good.... emissions test Friday.... license stickers and then install the revised tune. Keep ya posted.... Stevo
  13. Installing revised tune tonight.... keep ya posted.... Stevo
  14. Almost 200 miles on the car and light still flashing. If it is still flashing tonight when I get home.... I will load a revised tune and start over again. If that fails.... I will try this procedure on Saturday, which Mike sent me. Here’s a document I use for performing the OBD2 readiness set: RUNNING AN OBDII DRIVE CYCLE Suppose you have "fixed" an emissions problem on an OBDII-equipped vehicle. How can you check your work? By performing what is called an "OBDII drive cycle." The purpose of the OBDII drive cycle is to run all of the onboard diagnostics. The drive cycle should be performed after you have erased any trouble codes from the PCM memory, or after the battery has been disconnected. Running through the drive cycle sets all the system monitors so that subsequent faults can be detected. The OBDII drive cycle begins with a cold start (coolant temperature below 122 degrees F and the coolant and air temperature sensors within 11 degrees of one another). NOTE: The ignition key must not be on prior to the cold start otherwise the heated oxygen sensor diagnostic may not run. 1. As soon as the engine starts, idle the engine in drive for two and a half minutes with the A/C and rear defrost on. OBDII checks oxygen sensor heater circuits, air pump and EVAP purge. 2. Turn the A/C and rear defrost off, and accelerate to 55 mph at half throttle. OBDII checks for ignition misfire, fuel trim and canister purge. 3. Hold at a steady state speed of 55 mph for three minutes. OBDII monitors EGR, air pump, O2 sensors and canister purge. 4. Decelerate (coast down) to 20 mph without braking or depressing the clutch. OBDII checks EGR and purge functions. 5. Accelerate back to 55 to 60 mph at half throttle. OBDII checks misfire, fuel trim and purge again. 6. Hold at a steady speed of 55 to 60 mph for five minutes. OBDII monitors catalytic converter efficiency, misfire, EGR, fuel trim, oxygen sensors and purge functions. 7. Decelerate (coast down) to a stop without braking. OBDII makes a final check of EGR and canister purge. Stevo
  15. Question for all you gear heads out there. This is my third day of driving the car in order to reset the emissions parameters. Engine light still flashing. I am going to give it another 10 days of driving. Mike sent me a revised tune awhile back in order to clear up some limp mode issues I was having last year. I did not install it because I put the car away. If I install the tune.... will I erase all of the driving/recording parameters that I have done so far this week? Is it better to wait, drive the car to erase the flashing light..... pass emissions and then install the revised tune? Stevo
  16. I thought the same Greg but I was wrong. Mike says my O2's are on. My problem is probably from a dead battery and not driving the car last year. I drove the car for 50 miles yesterday. I will drive a few more times this week.... shorter trips. Hopefully mine will clear by the end of the week. Stevo
  17. Mike says my O2's are on in the tune. Greg, if you have been driving for 2 years then you must have a problem with one of your emissions parts. Driving for a couple of days is supposed to clear the "Not ready" code. Stevo
  18. Thanks Sean. Going to do as you say..... drive her for a week.... see what happens. Stevo
  19. My gear set did not cause the flashing cel.... I think a dead battery was the cause. Sean, how do you rest the short... intermediate and long cycle? Is their a process? Stevo
  20. Ok..... reviving this..... I have the same problem that Speedy had. Last year I was very busy at work and had no time for the car. Finally in the fall I tried to put it on the road. It failed the emission. Reason is "Car not ready". Huh? I had driven the car for 40 minutes and the engine was at operating temperature. I figured that maybe the rear O2's were off in the tune. Screw it. I put the car back in storage. Mike informed me that the O2's were in fact.... on. Now... I want her back on the road. Did some research and found this thread.... whew.... thanks |Speedy and MMF! I did everything in Speedy's post. Gas tank half full.... check Coolant over 100 degrees... check Cruising between 104 kmh and 109 kmh ... check Cruising between 1500 and 1800 rpm... FAIL. Why? I changed the damn gear set from 3.06 to 3.55..... hence.... at 108 kmh.... my revs are at 2400 Finished the run and my cel is still flashing after 10 seconds with the ignition on. So..... my gut says I will have to go to the dealer and have them reset the emissions parameters with their scan tool. I hope they can. Does anyone know how to reset another way in order to get around the gear ratio/rpm rule? BTW.... it was an awesome drive to work cruising with the HEMI.... smiling all the way to work. Yeah.... driving with expired plates and no emissions pass..... had to watch my six for Smokey. Fun eh? Stevo
  21. Custom grind from a builder.... my custom blower cam gave me 80 hp...... Drop the 392 cam idea like the plague.... Add a 90mm TB to compliment the cam.... Stevo