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  1. Bump for payment..... Stevo
  2. Bump for payment..... Stevo
  3. I never did give you my paypal address for the ring and pinion I sent you last June. merlin05wine@aol.com $125 plus 51 for shipping. Thanks, Stevo
  4. Wow... wow... wow.... Congratulations! What a beast of a car! Love the color.... that's my color.... and Alan's too! That last pic is suitable for framing! I bet your cheeks were hurting from smiling ear to ear for 900 miles! Happy for ya! Stevo
  5. How long was the install? Nice improvement. Stevo
  6. I will contact him for you. Stevo
  7. I am at a loss for words...
  8. Wow.... saw the pix.... Beautiful! Nice job Gregger! Stevo
  9. Pix or it did not happen.... Stevo
  10. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/video/watch/mattress-deliveryman-causes-highway-havoc/vi-BBRUhCh?ocid=ientp
  11. C'mon Motorheads...... this is my co-worker..... I gotta put up with his shit everyday..... lol. I know DICK about trucks. Can any of you TRUCKHEADS point him in the right direction on the best way/parts for lifting his ride? Appreciate... Later... Stevo
  12. Go Man Go could use this..... Stevo
  13. You should be happy Gregger! You DODGED a bullet right there... Stevo
  14. Greg..... that was a SHR built trans from Arrington? If so, can they help you out? From what I have read.... BFNY builds the best NAG1. Good luck .... hope everything works out for ya. Congrats on the 4th place.... Stevo
  15. Be safe Gregger..... take care..... Stevo
  16. Yes they are. Stevo
  17. Hey Eric….. still doing NAG 1s? Stevo
  18. .

  19. .

    what can cause limp mode ? Exceeding 550 hp which causes slippage between 2nd and 3rd gears at WOT. Ask me how I know.... Stevo