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  1. Looking again to buy a Fri Scud for my 5.7. Seeing what’s out here I know it a shot in the dark of finding on the cheaper side. Yes I know I can get them from Erik at BFNY.
  2. Thanks but I’m looking for a used set to save some coin.
  3. Looking for a set of ported eagle heads.
  4. No sorry everything was sold.
  5. I need this gone. It's taking up the little real estate I have in my garage. Someone make me an offer.
  6. Added a pic. I'll even include a free throttle body spacer. That'll give you an easy 500hp. You can't beat that for the price!!!!
  7. Putting this out there to see what's available. Just like the title says I'm looking for a set of ported eagle heads.
  8. Just reserved mine!!!
  9. Just putting this out there. I know they have long been discontinued but I'm looking for a set of these shorty headers. Anyone have a set laying around?
  10. Pushrods and exhaust springs.
  11. Bringing this back from dead? Someone is interested here any luck on getting the spring rate???
  12. There's a couple things I'm Interested in if you are you willing to separate the kit.
  13. BBK are the biggest POS headers I've ever run. Mine are leaking like mofo.
  14. Yea I've heard the same thing but it doesn't seem like it. I've seen more and more complaints about people sending in their tuners to get fixed and waiting forever to get them back. Not to mention the overly extended wait times with tech support. I had to call about a month ago and didn't think my wait was to long. The guys were cool and no issues. Actually I've probably called maybe a half dozen times over the years and they were good to deal with. I do see Diablosport advertising a lot more now than ever before and offering rebates which I've never seen before.
  15. Did you find out what the spring rate is on these yet?
  16. Seems since Holley bought them I hear more people complaining about them especially about the tech support wait times.
  17. Cool can I get one?!?! ;-)
  18. I apologized in my first post. But sure I'll apologize again. Sorry about the mistake, bro.
  19. Oh I have the right info of the guy. Believe me. But it's all good bro!!!!!
  20. Well then it's not you is it? His name is Richard Lahm or Lamb (widespicy or bigspicy) from the Ft. Lauderdale area. If this isn't you then you don't need to get your panties in a bunch since this wasn't posted towards you. Since I said specifically that in my post.
  21. You mean spicy shit? Wide and shitty?? What ever the hell he goes by?? That Robert Lamb? Same guy that scammed a bunch of LX members selling t shirts that money was supposed go to charity and no one got their shirts. Same Robert Lamb from Ft. Lauderdale area. When confronted about it all he says was the shirts were shipped out nothing he can do. Then goes into hiding and then block you on FB. If not I apologize.
  22. Just like the title says I'm looking for a 85mm throttle body.