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  1. maybe the assholes at nhra will rethink their new car 10.0 rule. In this case it probably would not have mattered, but 3500 plus pounds vehicles need added safety equipment not provided by the factory. My condolences to the mans family.
  2. just received latest FCS mag. nice article on Boatmans ride. Nice to see something other than a Mustang.
  3. all that shows is two people walking around the starting line
  4. any info anywhere on whats happening in va. sure no good info. here.
  5. you mopar people crack me up. Wonder why Bill is sending John a different valvebody?With all the performance knowledge out there I am sure someone has the answer.
  6. Maybe the reason some people are not having driveshaft problems is because other things are breaking , such as axles, posi-units etc. Maybe 1320 has built a good enough piece to hold up, and then the problems move to the next weakest link. maybe!
  7. it was great talking to you chris at bg. been at the race game for some time,and i feel like i know a good piece of equipment when i see one. thats why a rear was ordered mon. i will put it to the test for you. big m/t drag radials need big axles. good luck on your endeavor to supply quality made parts.
  8. they say its a tenth for 100 lbs,i think John should have no problem hitting the eights. We will soon see. Car sounds good and i see some stout numbers coming up.
  9. hey johnny, that looks like the new heartbeat of america, without the bowtie crap. the overspray will be dealt with.
  10. any more pictures of the build? always nice to see new construction.