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  1. So you wanna launch and 60ft like #Topcat but you're on a budget? There's now a solution! Designed strictly off of the highly desirable but impossible to get Dodge Demon springs - the HHP Hellcat Race Springs will get you better weight transfer just like the Demon Springs to help your 60ft. Primarily for straight line racing, these will loosen up the stock suspension during regular street driving and are a great alternative to the expensive race coil-over. How do you tell whether a high flying Hellcat is running our drag springs? You can't! We're all about stealth these days. We opted to make our race springs black to keep with the stock appearance. Even your local dealership may never know your secret... https://www.highhorseperformance.com/HHP_Racing_Dodge_Hellcat_Race_Springs_2015_2019_p/hhphcrs.htm
  2. https://youtu.be/PZaRJ1mqT2Q HHPRacing June in Review. It's been a busy one! There are quite a few promotions happening RIGHT NOW - be sure to take advantage of all of them. The 4th of July Sale for 2019 is active NOW until 7/7/2019 Magnaflow Exhaust Giveaway: https://bit.ly/2NnuX3f Guess The Horsepower Contest with our Vortech Supercharger contest winner: https://bit.ly/2xlK81S FREE Titanium Header Bolts from Titan Precious Metals with the next 10 long tube header kits sold (Kooks, American Racing and Stainless Works only): https://bit.ly/323t4vA Want to win a FREE ProCharger? Check out www.BoostedHemi.com ANY questions? Contact us! High Horse Performance, home of the world's quickest gen 3 Hemi cars. www.HHPRacing.com 888-894-1115 sales@highhorseperformance.com
  3. Our 4th of July sales are now LIVE until Sunday 7/7! There's no coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the discounts at the checkout screen on HHPRacing.com You'll find big savings on Fore fuel system components, Southern Hotrod transmissions, Protorque and FTI torque converters, Edelbrock Victor intake manifolds and more. You'll also find the Per4mance Development Differential Integration and Reinforcement System on sale with the price already reduced on the product screen!
  4. Purchasing long tube headers? We have a very cool opportunity for you with a NEW product! The next 10 people that purchase a set of Kooks Headers, Stainless Works Headers, or American Racing Headers can use coupon code TITAN at checkout and receive a FREE set of Titan Precious Metals Titanium Header Bolts at HHPRacing.com ! These fasteners are made out of Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V). The two most useful properties of the metal form are corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. In its unalloyed condition, titanium is as strong as some steels, but 45% lighter. It is 100% Non-Corrosive and will never rust, corrode, crack, or shrink/expand. Bolts may be torqued the same amount of standard Grade 8 steel bolts. Rolled threads are standard for superior strength. Jewelry for your car. All fasteners will come with 12-point heads for the easiest installation possible.
  5. We'll gladly sell you 16 sets if you'd like, you'll be set for a season er 2!
  6. If you're changing plugs regularly then the coppers are a great way to go: https://www.highhorseperformance.com/NGK4306_p/4306.htm
  7. We're running another contest on our socail media pages, and have decided to extend it to forums as well. Feel free to post on this thread if you don't have a Facebook or IG account. https://www.facebook.com/HHPRacing/photos/a.164213683591059/2562278280451242/?type=3&theater Have a Gen 3 Hemi? Want a FREE Magnaflow exhaust? Lucky you, we're giving one away! Entering is easy, all you have to do is tag us in an exhaust video and use #HHPMagnaflow. Doesn't matter if your car's not loud, the more pitiful the better! It can be a simple exhaust clip, track run, dyno pull, etc. We will be selecting 5 finalists (the 5 worst sounding) for a random drawing to pick the winner!
  8. Hey CenTxRT, shoot us a PM with some of your info so we can pull up the build specs. That'll better help us figure out which plug would be best.
  9. Starting NOW until Father's Day 6/16 we're running a flash sale for most intakes, exhausts, and Diablosport handhelds (some exclusions apply). There's no coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings on the checkout screen at HHPRacing.com! Want to get parts for your Hemi loving dad but don't know what to get? Check out our gift certificates on our web store. All gift certificates $150 and over will get a FREE HHPRacing t-shirt! Just be sure to include the shirt size with your certificate purchase. --> https://bit.ly/2K7vPqa
  10. June deals are live on our web-store at HHPRacing.com No coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen!
  11. May deals are live on our web-store at HHPRacing.com No coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen!
  12. High Horse Performance, Inc. is searching for a 2015-2018 6.4L Challenger to be test fit with a new Vortech Supercharger kit! It has to be a stock 6.4L Challenger - meaning it can't have headers, high flow cats, engine modifications, etc. This setup normally retails around ~$9,995, we're installing it for $2,995! ***This is for in-house installation/tuning ONLY*** If you think you're a candidate for this opportunity, email us and tell us why: sales@highhorseperformance.com https://youtu.be/n-lnxbIdDHM
  13. Per4Mance Development DIRS differential braces are now available! All pre-orders are shipping this week. Order yours now to get one before they're gone! www.highhorseperformance.com/Per4mance_Development_Differential_P4D_DIRS_p/p4d-dirs.htm
  14. FTI Performance torque converters are ON SALE until the end of the month at HHPRacing.com!
  15. Thanks to Rob Goss' win at the NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals we're running a ProCharger sale! Starting today until this Saturday 4/13 you can save HUNDREDS on ProCharger kits on our web store. No coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen at HHPRacing.com!