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  1. We're doing it again, this time $250 off! For this week only, get drop in pistons and rods for your 6.4L or 6.2L from the home of the quickest Gen3 HEMI cars on the planet and save big! No coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen on https://www.highhorseperformance.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=drop+in+piston
  2. We're kicking off March Madness early with another SALE! Starting today until 3/20, we have our HHP Limiter Cam Package on sale. No coupon code required! Just add the kit to your cart with the parts you need and see the savings at the checkout screen on HHPRacing.com Interested in adding e-tuning? Contact our sales team to get a package put together for you: sales@highhorseperformance.com For most automatic cars you'll need the cam/phase limiter, non-MDS lifters, a fresh set of head bolts and gaskets, and our street car and track tested PSI 1515 spring kit which includes the springs, Manley titanium retainers, and shims for 6.4L cars. For manual cars you can opt out of the lifters and head bolts/gaskets.
  3. It's a new week! Remember you can enter once per week, and be sure to read the social media details to get in on periodic giveaways we'll be doing throughout the year! www.BoostedHemi.com
  4. March deals are live on our web store at HHPRacing.com! Save on brands like JBA, Corsa, St suspension, koni, HKS, and KW. No coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen!
  5. We're giving away $1,000... oh and a ProCharger kit! Click the link below to find out how to win! ➡️www.BoostedHemi.com⬅️
  6. We've got another one of our race proven Hellcat setups listed in a ready-made package! Link here: https://bit.ly/2U0dxIz If you've been a Hellcat.org member for a while you may be familiar with this setup, more aptly named "The Linda's Hell Cat Package." It all started with setting the original Hellcat Charger world record and being first in the 9's with a PB of 9.710 @140mph back in 2015. This package is one of the most popular setups for our Hellcat street car customers. With 2 tunes and pulleys, this allows the driver to switch from a pump gas safe level of boost to a higher boost/ race gas setup. These boost levels will dyno 750-800rwhp on pump gas and 900+rwhp on high boost/race gas. That's a Hellcat with stock internals making 1000bhp! VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/HHPRacing/videos/236146023996278/
  7. Durango SRT ProCharger kits are now on our web-store! http://www.highhorseperformance.com/Procharger_HO_Supercharger_Tuner_Kit_1DL205_SCI_p/1dl205-sci.htm Check out this month's Guess The Horsepower contest to see this kit in action on our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/HHPRacing/
  8. It's February, and stuff is ON SALE! 💸💸 For this entire month you can find these products on sale on our web store at HHPRacing.com, no coupon code required! Just add the products to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen! ➡️➡️HHPRacing.com
  9. We've gotten the new 2.85 Hellraiser pulley in at HHP along with more stock of the 2.72! Get them while supplies last! http://www.highhorseperformance.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=hellraiser https://youtu.be/q6zlk8uEExY
  10. Looking for an aftermarket intake manifold for your Gen 3 Hemi / restomod build? 🏎️ There's only a few of the Gen3 Performance Products sheet metal intake manifolds left, and they're $200 OFF!💸 This discount will only apply to the last few we have on the shelf, get em while they're hot! 🔥🔥 No coupon code is required, just add it to your cart and see the discount at the checkout screen! http://www.highhorseperformance.com/Gen3_Performance_Products_Sheet_Metal_Intake_Manif_p/g3pp-intake.htm
  11. Results from a stage 1 package with added JLT intake and catless mid pipes!
  12. ⚠️ IN-HOUSE SPECIAL! ⚠️ First come, first served - we're having an end of year overstock package sale! Select SOUTHERN HOTROD transmissions are on the shelf and ready to go in your Hemi car or Jeep. We only have 2 NAG1 Viking Gen II car transmissions. We're offering install of these, a new ProTorque billet stator torque converter, ATI flex plate and fluids for only $4,827! We only have 2 NAG1 War Viking Jeep transmissions. We're offering install of these, a new ProTorque billet stator torque converter, ATI flex plate and fluids for only $5,415! These packages and discounted pricing are only valid for in-house install and only while supplies last! Contact HHP for more info at 888-894-1115 or sales@highhorseperformance.com
  13. Happy New Year from us here at HHP! We are back in the office this week and on normal business hours. Here's to another great year of growth and shattering world records
  14. Not signed up for our emails like this one? Click the link here to get inside news and exclusive sales from HHP! Sign up --> https://goo.gl/yYSY2N Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us here at HHP. This is the LAST WEEK to secure holiday discounts and pricing, and 2018 pricing on non-sale items! As many of you may already know, manufacturer pricing, labor rates, etc. tend to rise annually. If you have an existing price quote with HHP, it will expire with the start of the new year without a deposit made (for in house install quotes), or the balance fully paid (for items shipping out).
  15. After 4 years of doing it, we finally gave in and listed our standard Hellcat 100hp kit as a package offering at an unbeatable price: $2,295 for parts, labor and dyno tuning. This is our "Stage 1" package, (available with upgrades), with Stage 2 and Stage 3 packages to follow! http://www.highhorseperformance.com/HHP_Hellcat_850HP_Stage_1_Installation_Package_p/hhphcstg1.htm?fbclid=IwAR0X4lF_QL-MiAHCZGBH96_bSlRixMp0U3xwzP_f3I_jCcfsZKZjIGY24c0