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  1. Our 4th of July sale is live! There's no coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen at HHPRacing.com ! Save big on brands like AEM, AFE, American Racing Headers, ATI, Autometer, BBK, BC Racing, BMR, BWoody, Diablosport, Driveshaft Shop, Edelbrock, Flowmaster, Fore Innovations, FTI, Hellion, Holley, Innovate, JBA, Kenne Bell, Kooks, Litens, Magnuson, McLeod, Mishimoto, Mopar, Moroso, Nitrous Express, Nitrous Outlet, Procharger, Protorque, Race Star, SHR, SLP, Stainless Works, Suncoast, Volant, Whiteline, Zex and more! **Some exclusions apply** Any questions? Contact us! 888-894-1115 or sales@highhorseperformance.com
  2. This Trackhawk is sporting a Metco 2.85 upper pulley, ATI 10% overdrive crank pulley, Jokerz Performance ported snout, Injector Dynamics 1340 injectors, Fore Innovations fuel system, aFe track edition carbon fiber intake, Kooks long tube headers and green cats, Magnaflow cat-back exhaust, all DiabloSport CMR dyno tuned in house by Joshua Schwartz on VP Racing Fuels X85. https://youtu.be/KO2b0l0uwtQ
  3. Now that a lot of us have finally hit the track a few times, we wanted to run a small sale to keep things moving. For this week ONLY we're offering discounts on top of our already low prices for all orders over $100! There's no coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen on HHPRacing.com!
  4. MFR date 03/2005. This is a VERY early 6.1L SRT 300c, now sporting our HHP/BES stage 1R cam. Still making healthy power and in great shape to boot!
  5. This 1159whp Trackhawk Is Track Ready! Jesus' Trackhawk is equipped with our HHP/BES 426 Hellcat/Trackhawk stroker, ported heads, and custom grind cam, 4.5L Whipple, SHR War Viking Trans, and Nitrous Outlet nitrous kit, all Diablosport CMR tuned in house by Joshua Schwartz. This will be one to look out for at the track! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4VKX6Xm1fE
  6. Went ahead and spliced some stuff together to get some info out for our Stage 2 Kit as well: https://youtu.be/KRMMv9_0by0
  7. https://youtu.be/TfrHVEOUiHw In this video we take a deep dive into our popular Hellcat Stage 1 package and go over the available options. This package is compatible with all 2015+ Dodge Charger and Challenger Hellcats as well as the 2018+ Jeep Trackhawk. You can find this package on our web-store here: https://highhorseperformance.com/hhp-hellcat-trackhawk-850hp-stage-1-installation-package-hhphcstg1/ This package is priced for in-house install, though it can also be pieced together and shipped direct to your door or local installer with remote tuning services available as well. High Horse Performance, home of the world's quickest gen 3 Hemi cars. ANY questions? Contact us! www.HHPRacing.com 888-894-1115 sales@highhorseperformance.com
  8. We're back at it with the bolt-on sale! For this week ONLY we have intakes, exhausts, and DiabloSport handhelds on sale! There's no coupon code required, just add the parts to your cart and see the savings at the checkout screen on HHPRacing.com! *Some exclusions apply*
  9. AWE Tuning - The Best Sounding Exhausts on the Planet™ for the '15+ 5.7L Dodge Challenger and '17+ 5.7L Dodge Charger, dropping 5/7. Can't wait? You can be the first in line for when these kits start shipping. Pre-orders start TODAY: www.AWEatHHP.com www.AWEatHHP.com www.AWEatHHP.com https://youtu.be/qoFbUymlsgI
  10. Putting down big power and worried your stock transmission can't handle it? Lucky you, we have SOUTHERN HOTROD, LLC War Viking and War Viking MAX transmissions ON SALE! These transmissions are race proven and street car friendly. There's no coupon code required! https://bit.ly/3bLY1cc Any questions? Contact us! 888-894-1115 or sales@highhorseperformance.com
  11. Check out HHP customer Moses and his DIY Track Edition install: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azl1mqMTNkQ&t=0s
  12. Repair Completed: 2017 Hellcat HHP Stage 1 Package. Fixed indicated loss of power with the Litens Hellraiser 2.85 pulley, Injector Dynamics ID1050’s along with a DiabloSport LLC custom 93 street tune for this super clean street car. https://www.facebook.com/HighHorseman/videos/10220238261260434/ https://www.facebook.com/HighHorseman/videos/10220238260340411/
  13. Testing the new Comp Cams Stage 2 HRT VVT Cam Package with ported heads on this 2015 392 Manual Challenger. Unfortunately my baseline was from January in much better air so the true gains aren’t fully measured but nonetheless I’m still seeing a nice 45HP increase through the mid range. Even with my flawed data, I’m happy to report the gain is worth the squeeze.
  14. The dyno results for the 2020 Hellcat Daytona Charger with our Stage 1 Hellcat package and AWE Track Edition Exhaust! www.AWEatHHP.com