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  1. (2) Tires are new never mounted. $575 shipped lower 48 or pick up for $475. I will be at ATCO Nov 4 - 6. I will have tires with me.
  2. I have owned two rag tops in my time...one was my first and the 2nd my last....
  3. ...Yep..I been on one of them..
  4. AJ I heard Arrington is now selling your tunes and TCMs...Congrats!......Does this mean you can use their dyno?
  5. If Clinton had been elected and one of us deplorable's said that we would have already been in jail charged with hate crimes...
  6. This is the modern democrat party....
  7. Did you see Hillary catch Bill checking out the new first lady?.. https://www.facebook.com/muharem/videos/10208618887164993/ .
  8. ....That sums up the last 8 years....We had our own inaugural ball last night...East TN style... That is not a hat...it is a cake.. A local bluegrass band...Tim White and the troublesome holler boys... Donald even swung by....not in person though..
  9. I would assume the track only drag pack will be 500lbs+ lighter than the Demon..
  10. ..........
  11. DSS carbon fiber drive shaft. Can handle 1,000+ HP. Has about 5.000 miles on it. DODGE 2009-2014 LC Challenger SRT8 / R/T Automatic Carbon Fiber 1-Piece Driveshaft FOR 4 BOLT TRANSMISSION ONLY. RTs must have Getrag rear. Link to DSS site with details: http://www.driveshaftshop.com/domestic-driveshafts/dodge/challenger/dodge-2009-2014-lc-challenger-srt8-r-t-automatic-carbon-fiber-1-piece-driveshaft-for-4-bolt-transmission-only $850 shipped to the lower 48. Please PM rather than post on this thread that you are interested. PayPal the preferred payment. Payment must be made within 24hrs of my acceptance or the next buyer in line will get the DS.
  12. PM replied to.....sale pending...
  13. ****SOLD**** Description: Getrag 4.30 LSD rear Differential built by BFNY. Differential has approximately 5,000 miles on it since the 4.30 gears were installed. Upgraded clutches only have about 100 miles on them and no track miles. Please PM rather than post on this thread that you are interested. PayPal the preferred payment. Payment must be made within 24hrs of my acceptance or the next buyer in line will get the DS. Price (USD): $1300.00 shipped to the lower 48.
  14. Merry Christmas AJ!
  15. This thread has helped me cope with the day before prep for a colonoscopy tomorrow ..gotta go!....
  16. Same here with the 3.23 and 4.30....I had 3.23 in the car when the rear busted at VMR last year....cleaned the teeth off the ring gear....after that I decided to see what the 4.30 would do...
  17. I actually got my best quarter ET with the 4.30 compared to other gears I had tried (3.73, 3.23, 3.06). I found launching in 2nd gear gave the best times and less chance of wheel spin off the line producing 1.5x sixty foots....the 4.30 put me right at redline in 4th gear when I crossed the stripe....345/40/20 MTs..
  18. 3 of the tracks are less than 6 hrs from me with NC about 4 hours..looking good Dan!
  19. I wonder if Rosie O'Donnell and her friends have their bags packed yet? Trump should offer them free airfare to any location in the middle east..
  20. Cant beat the LMI True...knocked almost 2 tenths off my NA car..
  21. AJ suggested I install a 6.1 intake on my 6.4 based 426...picked up 26RWHP....The lean condition was an issue with FI cars but the NA 6.4s with the 6.1 still out perform the plastic 6.4 intake..