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  1. I'm so ready for this!
  2. I sold my Wrangler Rubicon as well and now have a paid for PT Cruiser. Can I get a catch can for it?
  3. Sold to Carmax for $26K
  4. I hate to see it go as well. I'm starting a business and the bank wants me to bring more to the table. The plan is to be widely successful and buy a 2016 PCP SRT.
  5. The Super Grape has finished up its first and last great road trip. This 2013 will be for sale in Oklahoma. Manual, sunroof, Super Trak Pak, navigation, 9800 miles, I'd let it go for $26,000.
  6. These turds promised insider information with a Lifetime Membership, so far hanging around here has done shit for my portfolio.
  7. I'm so down with this...except I'm into my '13 R/T Classic for $24K already. Man I hate my steering wheel.
  8. So this is some time in May 2014.
  9. I'm really going to try and make this one.
  10. Yes! Enjoy the fresh air and good times of wheeling off road. All that "go fast" stuff is over rated.
  11. Can I do the cruise and skip the racing stuff? My car is slow and a six-speed.
  12. Mike Morgan was killing me with his imminent flattening of Shawnee Mall.
  13. This weekend's severe weather forecasts has forced me to keep the Super Grape in tha garage. Some dude was driving around Enid in a new white R/T hours before the storms hit. Anybody else get out? Did Ada survive round one?
  14. HA! Crap, I posted these by taking pics of the pictures on my phone. *All right I fixed that shit*
  15. This was my last one in Oct '99 down on MS gulf coast.