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  1. Hope to have the car ready by then. Would be great to see some of you guys there!! Fingers crossed I get her ready!!!
  2. Awesome video as always. Yes its more work when one has to change tires at the track. But afterwards you forget all about, while your having fun going down the strip. Until its time to pack up and swap tires to go home. Can't wait to see everyone at CF9
  3. Great video speedy. When I take all mines out at the track. The car weighs 4220 with me and 1/2 tank of gas. The driver(ME) needs to go on a serious diet....
  4. If you don't hear the pump, then its either the relay or the pump that is bad. I know you changed the fuse, but I would double check it to make sure you didn't blow it again.
  5. very nice coverage of the event.
  6. Great work Mani, they look awesome !!!!
  7. Wes You are an artist !!! Each year you outdo yourself !!!
  8. Good luck with the sale!! Hope Orange Krush finds a new home soon.
  9. Sent payment Jay. Thanks
  10. Thanks Lisa. I'm trying to get the convoy to leave Atlanta a little earlier so that we can get there in time for the range. I will keep ya updated.
  11. Thanks I will let the group know to see if any are interested in going...maybe we can arrive earlier. Chuck how much is it to shoot?
  12. Would love to but I don't think we will get into Bowling Green till 2pm or so. What time were you planning on going? That way I can ask the rest of the group if they would like to go. Thanks
  14. Its coming along nicely Greg. I know your getting anxious now !!