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  1. EI Diablo, The above combo you asked about should be over 700 RWHP, The dyno run posted was done on the 3rd pull, the temps were extremely hot 90 Degrees +, and intake temps over 160 degrees,, That package would probably make 680 RWHP on a first pull when cold....
  2. Don't fully understand your question, We can tune Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 1992 to Current if that is what you are refering too,
  3. To Clear up the missinformation, Yes B&G has developed a SC Tune and it has been evaluated by the Hardware SC Supplier, all aspects of the tune have been signed off on. There Engineers are more than happy with the results, with 600+ HP at the wheels. revsions are and have been made to bring the HP numbers into a acceptable range based on hardware and engine durability concerns.. Also B&G has merged its tuning services with Arrington Performance AJ(Hemituner and myself)have been working side by side to better enhance products and customer service. Hope this helps
  4. Yes, It is Me, Just trying to be politicaly correct on replying to the issue stated in this thread and all the missinformation being posted, I will be under the Arrington umbrella ASAP so there should be no issues on me posting, and by the way I have teamed up with Arrington and have been tuning side by side with AJ(Hemituner) on developing tuning solutioms for the 2011 and newer vehicles, AJ and myself have a very good working relationship and have shared our knowledge base between each other, I have also shown him there are different ways to go about tuning and modifying tables that when looked at through CMR will not look correct, but are based on the fact that people that our using CMR don't have a clue what is truly being modified because they don't have access to all calibration data which I do.. Hope this helps
  5. Based on the information in this post, there is not enough to put blame on anyone. the shown CMR software shot means nothing, the MBT table they are showing means nothing, this is just a reference table, and again you have no idea what the customer was asking for when he requested his tune. For all you know he could of asked for a 108 OCT race tune, and also since this tune has been opened in CMR who is too say it has not been modified or changed? And again you bring up the point on Knk sensors being modified, Even in the canned diablo tunes the KNK sensors are modifiied and yes the timing is rasied, go figure!!. Too many variables to lay blame, also his original issue, doesn't mean the tune is bad or defective, there are 2 parts to the pcm hardware and software, I don't see how the tuning of his pcm would casuse his trouble code issue,PCM;s do go bad.. B&G has always been at the front of tuning development for our vehicles,They do nothing but to support our vehicles and our request for performance upgrade options when nobody else can. Anyways Just my thoughts