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  1. Took long enough but car sold as a 2.9 Whipple topped 426.
  2. Was that the issue?
  3. I do what i can
  4. New 6.1 short block its too expensive your not going to buy it so not even going to put a price down. Lets just assume you made a dumb ass offer and i said something smart ass and move along. I also have new 6.1 bare blocks i will let them go for see above. I also have new 6.1 heads again see above for price I have other stuff also just see above for pricing
  5. Buddy of mine said he sent you a PM.
  6. Nice build , And i would like to thank Micah for replacing his signature picture
  7. Whats it worth to you? Your answer here my response: i was thinking higher your response here my response thats closer how about 300 + the ride
  8. I want one!!!!!
  9. Is the durango wider than the jeep? I hate having to drive with my shoulder out the window or in the passenger seat.
  10. I just want to sell the car !! The newest Craigslist inquiry : CLB: Would u trade your car ME: Not really looking for trades but what do you have? CLB: Charger rt ME: Details? CLB: Its basicly stock just heads intake 370 gears i will tune it this weekend CLB: Pretty fast CLB: I would like too run you tho CLB: I alwase wanted to race a 300srt ME:
  11. 8k that shits free. what paramount trans is in it?