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  1. This one is damn quick for a front driver!
  2. haha - they're pretty laid back there. If someone else did show up for T & T, they'd probably just tell them "Sorry, event here today". BTW, as a suggestion someone should start a separate topic on PWR's short block prize, and Magnuson's supercharger prize, - and pin it in the CF4 forum. They're buried 8 or 9 pages back here. Both are definitely worth a prominent place as they are MAJOR AWARDS.
  3. One thing I learned from Karl.... what "slammed" means as pertains to cars - a couple three years ago I'd see people post topics like "My Vagina got SLAMMED" and I'd think...."Oh noes!!! I hope it's not totalled".
  4. haha - that doesn't work well here. MMF = Many Menopausal Females. lmao!!!!
  5. That's probably filed under the category "Family Fun" lmao!!!
  6. Alan shared this on FB - looks great.
  7. "Siri, how do you spell Goehnar?" lmao!!!