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  1. BTW, we will be offering a children's sized meal for $10 instead of $16. Moving forward, I'll keep that tally as well as for the adult meals.
  2. Just updated the list, added Cody, 72Cuda, and 12TT. 137 plates total. BTW, I had an e-mail conversation today with Richard, the chef/owner from JJM BBQ - Notsure yesterday informed me that last year they'd required a deposit up front which caused a bit of a scramble at the time. I wanted to make sure this was handled properly, so I e-mailed and asked him about it directly. However, Richard replied that they will cover the cost until the day of the event. So no worries in that regard apparently.
  3. Ok, added Laura, Believer, Sloan, and Hemicuda to the list. Tally is at 131 now! EDIT - and there's something messed up with the forum.... when I edited my first post to include the updated image of the list, as well as the tally, I got all these " " phrases inserted into the body of the post - took me a while to find them all and delete.
  4. ....