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  1. This one is damn quick for a front driver!
  2. One thing I learned from Karl.... what "slammed" means as pertains to cars - a couple three years ago I'd see people post topics like "My Vagina got SLAMMED" and I'd think...."Oh noes!!! I hope it's not totalled".
  3. Ahhhh so its a classic "dead animule" topic. Say no more
  4. So what is this topic about? I haven't had time 2 read. Cliff Notes version please.
  5. A rare and desirable part of Mopar history, Phil. Congrats! Can't wait to see how this does when set up with a good solid axle in the rear, Phil. What do those DP 5.7s dyno at, as delivered?
  6. Very nice, Phil. I was reading here that apparently only 9 of the first 100 Drag Paks were built with 5.7s, so that's a pretty rare beast http://falzonmotorsportscom.ipage.com/drag-pak-history.html Does the car have a rear axle/drive shaft or are those just transport wheels? Since you wrote 'unbuilt' guessing the latter? That engine and high rise intake is outstanding!
  7. Interesting! Why would one year R/T with the same drivetrain have a different CAL ID From the previous? I would love to know more. And here's something to muddy the waters even more - http://www.arfc.org/complaints/2009/dodge/challenger/?q=&page=2 Owner has a 2010 R/T six-speed with the SAME CAL ID as you, Jay - 05187899AG. He even "upgraded" from the same CAL ID you had, Jay - 05187899AE But he's from California - wonder if it's a California emissions thing, or maybe that isn't applicable any more?
  8. Yeah, and as you can see Chris.. your "experience" can vary. I am NEVER updating. The car runs. The Trinity works. Not changing anything.
  9. Interesting about the CAL IDs. I just checked my Trinity in the R/T - it is 68054009AC My Trinity shows a 'born date' of October 2011. However I've owned the Trinity since April of 2009. Is the 'born date' the last time the CAL ID was updated?
  10. You can add spark advance too, depending on the octane you're using. If you're using race gas, you could probably add quite a bit of spark before detonation. Learned that trick from Jon (70Barcuda) this year - made the trip to Beaver Springs worthwhile for that alone. I wondered about that, Denis. I was gonna join you at Napierville iif you went. Hard to believe it's been over a year since I met you and Lee there that day - with the crazy track prep. Your car definitely can hit 11s. You need to get there.
  11. Holy crap, a 3/10ths+ gain. Was it just the cam swap, Phil, or did you change something else too?.
  12. I should give out more of those MMF cards. I shoulda given one to another fella I met at the track- he brought a 72 Demon 340 to the track Sunday, but he also has a 2012 Durango tow vehicle and a 2009 Challenger six speed,
  13. Great work, Garrett. You couldn't do it without that catch can magic though.