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    ^^at least thats what Im hoping^^
  1. satey worries?...saw the cf6 pics. some folks atta lose about a 100pds of gut fat so you won't have a stroke going down the track while checking your diabetic sugar
  2. good install but minds me of some old dudes clip on flip down glasses tint
  3. older R/T will bolt up to 3.5
  4. pretty fucking stupid to thibk someone who fucked with yur car would fess up...duh
  5. pfft...id go just to knee that dick in the coin purse and yell WOOOOOOO!!!! as I did it.
  6. kina cool in a half finished high school shop project sort of way
  7. well Ill be the honest one here. it looks like shit, looks like a car show attention whore. its liek someone puked blue and white on a primered challengre and yur car is what came out...just bad
  8. who cares if some trailer trash fuck tard can't afford a hellcate? learna trade that makes good money. I would not give a gold plated shit to any douche comlaing they cant afford a heelcat...fuck you you dumbshit underpaid pussies
  9. yep no catch can threds so we are better http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/14526-my-hellcats-lol/ http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/14522-825-hp-hellcat/ http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/14484-i-dont-know-what-im-going-to-do/ http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/13899-my-take-on-hellcat-pricing/ http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/14283-80-k/ http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/14240-who-is-ordering-a-hellcat-tomorrow-beside-me/ http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/14260-are-the-banks-open-for-ordering/ http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/14232-dealership-called-about-ordering-a-hellcat/ http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/14140-its-like-christmas-thanks-hellcat/
  10. looks like shit...looks like sumone barfed up cherry grape slushee in there
  11. nice price but looks like dog crap next too the dark intearior
  12. looks like crap
  13. ^^^looks like your wife has bigger ballz and is better racer than you LOL's