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  1. Wow! That was a really cool video, thanks for sharing. - Alexis
  2. Would love to get my hands on a Surface..I have an iPad 2 and love it. But I always like having a bunch of tech toys FYI - for Windows 8 users and Diablo if it does not work on your computer, just follow these instructions: http://www.diablosport.com/component/content/article/8-contents/74-windows-8-driver-installation-instructions.html Maybe its been fixed in 8.1 where that is not needed, but on every Windows 8 (Prior to 8.1) machine I have had to do that and it works flawlessly. Kinda silly to have to do it and its all because Microsoft likes to change things that are not needed to be changed in their coding.
  3. There was an upgrade over the links you have. We are getting a set of them brought up and we will ship them out to you. Can you Message me your order number so I can get your address? Thanks!
  4. I would say 65-75, could be a little more. No way is it going to be $45 range...would be nice though!
  5. I like the separate belt drive, only complaint with the new S/Cs Granted doesn't look fun to change though!
  6. Actually looks like the SRT Premium has the same 4 piston brakes as the R/T 392...so now makes me scratch my head on the SRT Premium
  7. I think the 392 in the SRT - non Hellcat is tuned to have a tad more power. But I could be wrong
  8. I was joking If I was racing all the time and was away from here it would definitely be an enclosed trailer so I had everything with me But didn't you also use to laugh at the guys and gals that use to trailer their cars
  9. Well...I will give you that They are only slated for 7400 or so . All you people with your enclosed fancy trailers....like you NEED all that stuff at the tracks you are racing at
  10. Very nice Alan! Love the Jeep SRTS! New ones have no problem towing
  11. Very cool!! Can't wait to see more pics of the build!
  12. Just so everyone knows - if you look at a Mopar '10 - the rear brace is made by REM and you can order it direct from Mopar as well. http://www.speedlogixstore.com/product_p/p5155751.htm is: http://www.speedlogixstore.com/product_p/sx-lxlc-rst4.htm And the only reason the Mopar 11 and ups use a different one is because Chrysler didn't realize REM made the Arched versions as well. Now, I know this is about Front Braces...but Mopar obviously liked our Rear Brace enough to use it I still stand behind - why drill into something that is bolted into something else? Why not cut the middle man out and bolt right to the car? Every way I see it - four points of solid connection to the car will always be better than bolting into something that is then bolted into something else I am not an engineer or anything like that so I can only go off what I see. In a side to side motion - a bar that is connected to the car in four points (solid connections) will out perform a bar that is only bolted into another brace that is bolted onto the car. Now, the Mopar brace will help the cars integrity - I just don't see it doing a better job than the design we use in the long run.
  13. Maggie's are great BUT I will say we had a horror story trying to get an Automatic 5.7 Challenger to run correctly with a tune from Magnacharger. Ended up getting a new PCM and the customer was still not 100% happy with it, but it was loads better than the 5 tunes before it . No one is perfect, that is for sure. Couple of times the customer was wanting to ditch the Maggie and get a Vortech - since we have Johan down here that can easily tune it.
  14. I know I am bias But for the most performance - you want the most connections to the body of the car. Like our bar does - all the other bars bolt to a bar that bolts to the car. I say remove the middle man - bolt right to the car !
  15. You could always get in touch with Johan from Diablosport. He will be able to help you as well.