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  1. nice! been wanting to get rid my 2010's minivan looking wheel
  2. I’ll be there!
  3. still for sale. motivated to sell
  4. Probably not going to be able to make it to the range as our departure time has been pushed back by 2 hours. So that puts there around 4 if we're lucky
  5. are you putting the wheels from Orange Krush on the new Hellcat?
  6. perfect!
  7. (4) Goodyear 245/45/20 $500 - take offs from the 17 Charger, less than 500 miles on them (4) Goodyear 265/50/20 $250 - take offs from the 15 Jeep GC, less than 30k miles on them, tread measures 7/32 on 2 and 8/32 on other 2...they come with 10/32. Only removed to go taller and wider
  8. holy moly! thats great! ordered mine tonight
  9. ill give double 475 wtf!
  10. I'm in! We will arrive around noon Thursday and will probably need to hitch a ride there
  11. maybe I missed it but was curious if there is a list of possible auction items that are being donated? I am trying to come up with something cool like we did last year (the wooden Mopar/spark plug key holders)
  12. all these badass trucks in here UGH! have already decided in 2-3 years when the Jeep hits 100k (half way already haha!) i am going back to a truck