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  1. I had it on an 08
  2. I'm sorry, HX?
  3. bump
  4. Bump
  5. And then Boom. it was strange how it happened actually. I had just started the car after work it was sitting there idling and just started rattling. Broke the stem on the bottom groove Had about 2000 miles on it since it was back together
  6. Dss 2 piece driveshaft for challenger for 9' Ford. I had an adapter made to fit my 215 differential with a wavetrac $500 Almost new snow performance stage 3 meth injection $350 Kooks longtubes for 6.1 $600 SOLD corsa complete exhaust minus tips $600 SOLD Tranzformer $125 Fore triple fuel hat with 1 walbro 340 pump and solenoids $350 all items plus shipping Please text for pics, for some reason I can't edit the %$^*^%$#ers small enough to upload 479 256-5010
  7. I've got a couple of them if you're interested Yes unfortunately. Had a valve stem break and damaged a sleeve and combustion chamber. Had a rough year and I Can't afford it anymore. Did get it on the dyno and it put out 727.7 whp and 733 tq with only 13-15 degrees advance. It was fun while it lasted
  8. I have a fore triple fuel hat I'd sell
  9. forgot to list a few parts included, all fixed now
  10. Thanks, it's in near perfect condition
  11. Message me for pics, having trouble uploading them
  12. The techco' belt drives the blower only
  13. Bump
  14. Oh thats under the techco thread. What combination do you want?