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  1. I'll take $7000 shipped. This is a steal
  2. Description: New 6.1 based 392 stroker4.065" bore3.593" stroke 9.8:1 compression Diamond custom pistonsTurbo forged connecting rodsMolnar crankClevite bearings Program billet main capsApr main and head studsThis shortblock is rated for 1200hp+ it was setup for big boost and nitrousI'm also throwing in a brand new custom grind blower cam spec'd by modern muscleI'm asking $7500 shipped to the lower 48(no core needed, keep it or sell yours to cut cost).
  3. Sorry, item has sold.
  4. Brand new Fore fuel system(no fuel rails/injectors) dual 450 pumps -10 feed, -8 return fuel regulator FC3 controller I'm asking $1700 shipped to the lower 48.
  5. Bump
  6. I have a Rossler th400 w/trans brake built with big drum. Reverse valve body, Reid sfi case and bell housing, lokar dipstick tube and plug. Protorque converter. ATI crank adapter, spacer, flex plate and overflow tank. Precision Shaft Technologies cf driveshaft(promod strength). Custom built cross member with drive shaft loop and trans mount by true street performance. Excellent shape, frequent oil changes. Trans came out of buckeyeguys magnum and not have been used since. I'll take $4900 shipped to the lower 48 plus PayPal fees.
  7. Per my conversation with Guy; this trans should withstand 800-900hp conservatively. Anything above that, a harden input shaft is recommended. I wouldn't be hesitant putting it behind a 1000hp turbo setup as the launches I believe do not shock the powertrain as hard but I could be wrong. Anyways, anything under 1000hp this trans should be bulletproof.
  8. I'm exploring my options but does anyone have any leads to a used 6.1 long block?
  9. With 30% oil life, Car did not want to start, sounded like a low battery just clicking away. Checked the oil and it was bone dry.
  10. My gf has a Dart and yep it's been consuming oil like crazy. After I came across the issue, I searched online and it seems to very common.
  11. Good stuff Guy. Looking forward to seeing the car run down the track. 300's FTW
  12. A pair of brand new Apache heads. No longer need them. SOLD
  13. Noted, Thanks Chris
  14. I came across some apache heads I had stored from awhile back. Did anything change from 2011 to current year or are all Apache heads compatible with eachother? The ones I have show: Left: 68280511AA Right: 68280510AB
  15. Curiosity just got to me that's all because I don't hear much about 1st gen 300s on the forums
  16. Anybody know the record for the fastest 1st gen 300 in the 1/4? On YouTube I was able to find a video with a Chrysler 300 running 9.73 @ 140, driver mentioned the record was 9.4 but I'm not sure how accurate that is. Lxforum timeslips shows a few 300's in the 11's, I'm sure there's a lot more 300's running faster than that.
  17. I'm wondering at what level should people consider upgrading to billet main caps on their 5.7/6.1 based strokers? I've been reading on the forums and saw something regarding hhp using stock main caps on majority of their builds but also read people recommending them over 800hp. To do or not to do? For those using billet mains, care to share what power level you're at or what you're revving to(if that even matters)?
  18. So I decided to stay with the stock main caps, I hope I don't regret this. If anything, later down the road when it gets a refresh maybe I'll fit it with billet mains or a girdle.
  19. Thanks for the replies fellas. As much as I want to hit 4 digits, my realistic goals would be between 800-900hp unless I go balls out like John "Bottle rocket" Lewis. I'll be more than happy with low 10s out here in this California weather.
  20. New 6.4 VVT blower cam. Spec by Dave Weber. I'll post the cam card shortly - $700 $620 + shipping
  21. Buyer backed out last minute. I'll take $2000 + paypal fees and shipping to the lower 48 for the package.
  22. Nice stuff Greg. Did you end up using that fuel pump on this build? Can't wait to hear your results, you seem pretty satisfied.
  23. Awesome pictures. What body and lens are you using?
  24. Used Precision Shaft Technologies Carbon Fiber driveshaft for an LX. Was matted to a TH400 and 8.8 rear. I have no use for it, shoot me any reasonable offers. Will post pictures shortly
  25. Forgot to update, all items are sold.