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  1. Nice! congrats and thanks
  2. sent you a pm
  3. haha the coup de grau
  4. yep yep, so cool
  5. was gonna stay mum on this but Sam made my hair stand up, couldn't say it better than Sam
  6. not a good reason for the problem but personally I think pouring aluminum blocks somewhat problematic, which leaves everybit of the success on the shoulder of the quality control department. I'm not surprised a few get by the pressure checks and measurements, just sayin
  7. pn P5155507, sn 0134-5507V date 13.1.11 Oil looks like honey, antifreeze looks like - well antifreeze
  8. nice color, reminds me of the 64 RamCharger featured in the 96 Lowe & B Hould published American Muscle Car book, first car featured, although It has a four speed which was good deal back in 64 and the dog dish hub caps (not to fond of the thin white walls but it is true) gonna be an awesome machine B.
  9. in your mind hold a glass of 10w40 full synthetic an a glass of honey, same look to me and umm and then maybe a glass of orange antifreeze thats been topped off with some prestone green, my stretch
  10. just over 6k miles, plenty of pleasurable driving, a few good blats at the track when I get the time( don't have a honest hook game in force) enjoying the hell out it NA mid 500's hp 23mpg
  11. 4.05 x 4.125, street machine mostly here, the weight loss is appreciable up front, oil looks like honey the antifreeze bleh olive drab, it's all good
  12. steady as she goes B, don't freak out youve come along way with it, it'll all come together nicely. I can only imagine what it's like to build one, some never finish (maybe quit the coffee take up beer) cool beans
  13. Nice! great combo
  14. sounds like a plan, like that too
  15. looking good, this build will be awesome when fin, I've enjoyed all 6 of them so far dig the Polara