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  1. Nice! congrats and thanks
  2. sent you a pm
  3. robsrt sent you a pm if still available I will contact next in sequence of response
  4. do you need a set of these? I have a set NIB with original instruction set. $440 shipped from Gulfport to your lower 48 door UPS Ground. paypal preferred My plans have changed due to personal issues, Thanks, Eric
  5. nice car John, really like hearing your enthusiasum for it, kinda brings it home for us stuck in the pre-factory FI day. I know I'm changing my attitude towards it no problem if I was up for a new hotrod Hellcats it.
  6. what rear gears are in that hellcat?
  7. this is all too familiar to me, my company an xray imaging co. bought and was sold a half a donzen times in the last 20 years, each time people jumped ship and some were fired but each time overall it stood stronger as the product lines were improved and prices went up, all orchrestrated by bean counters. It's the same here or seemingly so, only here the demand for the products will have a major influence on who and how many remain in the industry. So locked computers and demand by owners for service and their happiness will be the lifeline in this environment. JMHO we tend to hate change but business models love it called progress
  8. have fun John, looks great cant wait for your impressions, don't hold back
  9. my mistake, lift several 2-3 inches but no need to remove no. fins and structure built into the stock pan and some of the aftermarkets that use the same architecture will not simply allow unbolt and pull the pan out
  10. being able to pull an oil pan without pulling the motor is a big plus, check it out, Rob (boatman) can tell you about it. Only one pan I know will do this, starts with an "M" Moroso
  11. congrats AJ great outcome for ya
  12. humm do fancy a set of those hemi orange valve covers, bout it though, still dig mine
  13. haha the coup de grau
  14. yep yep, so cool
  15. had the setup on my car for about two weeks, I have two sets of satin rails and still have a set on my car, If youd additional info PM me please Eric