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  1. Good stuff Howie. Congrats.
  2. ... and some IPA's.
  3. Hey y'all....what a trip! I ended up in OR for a few months after crawling around TX, NM, UT. The Wrangler has been a champ and sure opened up the desert and mountains more being able to head out back roads. Hitting the road and escaping from everything sure was a great reset and what I needed. Total bummer about the divorce (she is a great woman), but it will be the best thing in the long run. I'm now back in Austin, but have a setup that I am not tied down at all - I really just shook off a bunch of shit, got rid of 'stuff', and feel free again. I think it's in my blood being from so far away and having always moved/traveled. I'm back in the game with travel and work again after bit of a partial hiatus there too. The start-up is doing great. I was in Germany last week meeting with a couple of tier 1 suppliers to automotive OEM's discussing the integration of our road safety profiling into vehicle powertrain systems such as adaptive cruise control. Cool as shit. Safety is such a focus now with connected vehicle, and this is data needed for autonomy, so not going away. - coming soon to a powertrain near you We should be opening up an office in EU late this year so that opens up a ton of possibilities too. So....came through it all okay, scaled down, and focused on work again. Who knows, may have Alan's baby one day I can't believe I have not even seen the Challenger since August. Hats off and thank you to Dale who has been kick ass letting me leave it in his giant shed and taking care of it. I'm planning on loading the bitch up with PBR and heading to CF8 as a spectator - transmission is still fucked up between 3rd and 4th, so no racing for me. Howie will have to wait another year to line up again ...because last year I won, he lost
  4. Well, my engine blew and the transmission is fucked.
  5. Howdy. Saving up for PBR and gas money. Planning on being there, but not racing since 3rd to 4th is still fucked up.
  6. Thanks Cam, will do. Stevo - for sure, but hey there are two ways it can go from here and either will be better for each of us. I just had to be the asshole and take the step. Here is my mascot: ...and the shit I am up to: Have myself a corner office with windows on two sides - during the day there is not pizza or a PS4 controller though
  7. It really is working out well working from the RV. I usually have a great view, it is pretty quiet, and I don't have many distractions. I put a trucker antenna on that boosts the mobile signal, so I have not had internet issues - even running WebEx's has worked out well. After work I can usually go for a bike ride, take the Jeep up a mountain, or just sit my ass down and enjoy a few beers enjoying the view. This week I arrived Monday, work T-F, visited Tent Rocks after work yesterday, will explore tomorrow, then Sunday drive to CO and set up for a M-F work week in the mountains. It does take planning each week for the next week, but I am heading to the coast to set up for a month at a time in different beach towns. I feel like a tech hipster....not shaving an all.
  8. So...I haven't been on in a while, and last time it was totally unsure what to do with the car etc. Well, that was all part of the beginnings of a midlife crisis I guess. Pretty much on my 45th birthday I decided I was not happy with the life I was living so decided to 'Highlander', ie, the Highlander got to live a bunch of lives over the X hundred of years - similar I guess to the vampires in Twighlight, but that's for fags - not that there is anything wrong with that Alan. Over about a week period I told my wife that I was out of here for an indeterminate period of time, bought an RV, traded my 2014 2500 for a 2007 Wranger (+ cash) - still MOPAR - and hit the road. I work remote, so set up a full-on office with my 3 monitors etc, and basically have a mobile apartment/office that I drive wherever the hell I want. Makes me laugh when I think about it that I actually did it. Time will tell the consequences....but hey, you only live once, and who says you can only live one life. I bought HEMI57's RV, drove the Challenger to pick it up leaving the Challenger in his barn and bailed. It's been pretty cool. I'm in NM right now after heading out of TX. Next week going shopping in CO, then heading UT, NV, CA, and up to spend a few months on the coast in OR. Who knows what will happen in the long run....but hey, I was not happy with where I was at, and maybe the Aboriginal Walkabout thing is in my blood (or was in the water at least). I have never lived anywhere for more than about 5 years, and coming up on 7 in Austin, so that may be part of it. See y'all at CF8! I'll be the asshole with a PBR in one hand and keys to a Vagina that's faster than Howie's in the other....but I'm not prepared to race him again - beat him at CF7 and hanging up my hat on that one. Speedy - do I get to start counting the miles traveled to CF8 now?
  9. Thanks all. We have a couple of lots too, so maybe part with those first if needed. Thinking about selling parts sucks after having them all come in during the build and building up a monster. A lot of sweat- and dents in the wall from throwing tools [emoji3] I sure would miss CF...but hey, maybe Avis could set me up with a Vagina and a pack of burritos - so that I would have something to do on my way down the track with no stick. [emoji48] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks Speedy. Couple of things really - I find that the car is just sitting in the driveway most of the time not even getting driven, and I quit my job for a start-up earlier in the year, so just lining up plan B's. No issues for a while, but keeping an eye on escape routes if shit hits the fan. Parting it out would take some time, but the best way to not take a bath on it as you say. Bummer though.
  11. Yeh, that's what I am trying to balance, so wondering what I can get for the car with the build. The need is not immediate, but I need to get some ducks lined up if needed.
  12. Been a while. Looks like I may need to part with the car...ton of shit going on. Trying to decide if I am better to sell the car as a whole, or sell the parts putting it back to stock. I'm looking for feedback on price on it as a whole: 2012 SRT Challenger - 22k miles across 2 engines Arrington 426 - about 5k-7k miles 4032 Mahle pistons Billet Main Caps Thitek Heads Maggie ATI 17% OD Super Damper McLeod RXT Clutch DSS Single Piece Aluminum DS Full Gforce 9 inch rear end – 1400 axles QuickTime Bellhousing Nitrous Outlet wet spray kit – 100 shot right now Line Lock 3 Pod Gauges – nitrous, AFR/Boost/
  13. I have one for sale also. Unmarried. $425 shipped.