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  1. Ok it's finally time We have been doing transmissions in house for quite some time but haven't been advertising them. After punishing our transmissions in select LX/LC cars and SRT8 Jeeps, Enhanced Performance Transmission/BFNY are proud to announce our Built Nag1, 2 different transmissions rated 700rwhp for $3500 and 1000rwhp for $4500. If you are looking for a trans call Ben at 216-281-0303. Stock rebuilds are also available.
  2. We have 25 sets ready to go and on the shelf, no deposits, no waiting......$500 a set plus shipping! These will set your cradle solidly to the body and take up all the slop that rubber and poly bushings allow at the track! PM, Email or call us to order. If anyone is going to the Bradenton Mopar Event these can be delivered locally.
  3. See everyone Wednesday night.
  4. After the 44. Magnum Alaskan and my .500 Magnum I am not expecting it to be over the top. Hope I am pleasantly surprised.
  5. Ok I am in for the range for sure, just picked up some .454 Casul for the new Alaskan. Ok I am in for the range for sure, just picked up some .454 Casul for the new Alaskan.
  6. Wow they are dropping like flies. We will be in Wednesday night.
  7. Putting Hellcat cradle and differential in an 06 Magnum SRT8 with solid cradle bushings and poly suspension bushings. For the most part this is a bolt in. A few small changes in the sensor harness that needs to be swapped out. The biggie is the driveshaft, which I guess after this won't be as custom as it is now.
  8. If I can get there early enough yes.
  9. Use the plates.
  10. they don't....you have to run jewel solid lifters so they oil from the lifter up. Supposedly a hydraulic friendly rocker setup coming soon.
  11. So I got another 66 Charger. This car was an incredible rust free find. So I couldn't do both cars I sold the 66 back half car and concentrated my efforts on this one. built a nice forged 6.1, 727 with rev manual valve body and trans brake, 8 3/4 rear. Body is almost done and will be assembling shortly. I will be bringing it to CF8! http://s43.photobucket.com/user/ESC3/slideshow/1966%20Charger
  12. Well it's no 8 sec car but 10s should not be a big deal
  13. Starting Jan20 2017 and running till the end of February 2017 we will be running a sale on Cylinder heads. All 5.7, 6.1, and 6.4 ported heads will be on sale for $1799 plus cores and shipping. This includes CNC port program, bronze guides, PSI 1511 springs. Hardened locators and shims, viton seals and custom valve job. Chrome moly or titanium retainers, larger valves, custom work all available for extra cost.
  14. probably, it would be dependent on current piston to valve clearance and also the radial cut of the relief. On a 6.1 the valve would go to 2.10 from 2.08.
  15. Not sure yet on the wiring. Was really looking for a stock appearing harness.
  16. what ever you can get for them?
  17. Hurry up, I need to pay the painter.
  18. it's only money.....you don't need lights
  19. Now is the time guys. You will never see these prices again. All porting and machine work done by Thitek!
  20. 350 cfm@.600
  21. Driveshaft is a custom length, just use your existing speed sensors and remove any other sensors on the hellcat cradle.
  22. If you have the 3.06 diff yes you can just plug in the 6.1 tcm and it will work.
  23. Came out of a 2k mile 2013 Challenger. Comes with clutch. $2200 + shipping. Email Bfnyperformance@yahoo.com
  24. Sure.....a whole lot of effort and crappola for a return. I think we saw 50hp but it was way up top. Not worth the effort.