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  1. I too get a little KR on my runs but that might be because I have no bolts in my Reluctor wheel
  2. Im using C16 now but remember Dave Vasser telling me to switch to C23 on my 500 shot...... if you have a comparable fuel cheaper, you are probably using the right thing.
  3. Really Glad you and Melissa came out, really miss the old FLA group at the track, we really nice to be out there..... just wish I had my car. On that note, Thanks to Bruce @ HHP for selling me a motor that should never of been sprayed..... I spoke with the track manager a bit before hand and even walked the lane before we raced. Track was prepped better then I have ever seen. I recall TVRob staging and me going up to his window to tell him something and then trying to walk back off the track and almost twisting my ankle because I was glued to the ground
  4. I have the digital water and trans temp gauge. The water gauge is much older but I do have a single bar that did go out on that gauge;.....
  5. I would consider it but I have a few other things with the car to adjust. My immediate goal is to hit 8s on my current 350 shot. It is very doable with the right air
  6. Jim, FYI I am holding a private track rental down at PBIR on Feb 19th https://www.facebook.com/events/1005726216117607/
  7. VMP is a nice facility with a nice parking spread and layout. Also just as important to me is a nice hotel with a restaurant and bar and also nice parking.... also close places to grab stuff like when your front diff of your hauler needs a ring bearing I guess what Im saying is I think Cecil or MIR would be cool but look at it as a whole
  8. I tried those "slicks" with the stiff sidewalls and didnt like them. Im sticking with either the M&H or I will try and MT DR
  9. I am running stock SRT springs and 50/50 Lakewoods in the rear and the 90/10s in the front. Removed the front sway, kept the rear and running a 15" tire
  10. Thanks Bud! Yeah that was Robs twin Turbo Wagon..... I remember him telling me he was surprised how fast I got out in front and he was chasing me down the whole way I am determined to get this car in the 8s on the current 350 shot. I figured if I can get air closer to zero then 2100 that should be enough..... Plus Im adding the Razors Edge front bumper support so should get more weight off the front. Afcos on all 4 corners ? How new ? how many passes ? I might consider a change at some point but it does make me nervous to do so when the car is so consistent. I also need to look at some rear control arms to adjust the chamber. The insides wear out faster so I imagine I could do a better job getting more of the tire to the ground on launch
  11. They are stock one piece lamps, but I did have to cut the front and back open to use the LMI ram air kit Thats ROBSRT in the left and and me in the right...... First time we have ever raced each other I think.... Was Epic, wish we had this one on video. This was the weekend right after ATCO down in Florida.... of course DA was 2100 .... only place in the country with 85 degree weather in Nov
  12. Had a Personal best of a 1.320 the other night with a 9.20 1/4 ...... I think there is always room for improvement might need a new setup but Im sure she should and could go 1.2s consistently
  13. Well one of them yes the other only had about 20 passes and blew up on the dyno tuning my 500 shot so you will have to blame Johan for that one
  14. FWIW, I went to a 400 after I blew up two Nag1s.....