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  1. there have been more than a few fast cars with Nivomats.
  2. man, you are all over the place.
  3. You might need new axle seals.
  4. Poland makes great tape.
  5. Finally, someone telling the truth about paddle shifters, and how they work.
  6. If it isn't pulling timing on 93, I don't think race fuel will make a difference. It might be a little slower. I think it's best to run the lowest octane you can without incurring stknk. If you have a tune written to take advantage of race fuel, then you would see a difference? bill
  7. I can't figure out how to reply to a post, only to create a new topic. Please help me. I was trying to reply to the "how to see new content" post. I click the Unread Content folder under the search bar. bill
  8. I have a set of 6.1 mids but they have had a bunch of c16 and n20 ran through them. I don't know if the cats are any good or not.200 plus shipping from 60467.
  9. I'm not sure of anything these days. I talked to Erik and he told me that Craig didn't do anything to the heads that would change the preload. Im guessing that I didn't telescope the adjustable rods out enough and that gave me a larger preload than I actually have. A few days into it and I don't think the valve train is that loud anymore, just a different sound than I was used to. under the hood the the injectors are way louder than the heads are, but from the side it sounds like the vavle train from the headers....I hope?
  10. those numbers are the difference between the adjustable pushrods and the rods I'm using. I backed the adjustable rod out until I could just barely turn it by hand, then measured that with a set of calipers, subtracted that from the length of my pushrods. What is the preload I should shoot for? 0.100? Is it better to error on the long side or the short side?
  11. I only had time to tear apart one side, here's what I found. #2 I-0.144, E-0.114 #8 I-0.148, E-0.118 #4 I-0.170, E-0.112 #6 I-0.130, E-0.129 Are these preload values in the acceptable range? bill
  12. I will check the preload, but in the event it's off, what do I do about it? custom length pushrods? the pushrods I put in were 6.650 and 7.875 , 0.80 wall, 5/16". bill
  13. I got a pair of new heads, push rods, lifters, and a long tube headers on the car this weekend. It went well, thank you for the tips. all 8 cylinders are holding between 92% and 95% now. I might be paranoid, but the valve train sounds louder to me now. not banging, but ticking. it seems like the headers are broadcasting the ticking noise. Here is what I found on the old heads. I found the pieces of the valve wedged in the perimeter of the catalytic converter. bill
  14. thanks guys. I will be sure to get as much coolant out as I can and disconnect the battery. I don't want any fireworks. bill
  15. I checked springs and didn't see any broken. I couldn't turn any or feel any play in them. It was my first guess after the leakdown test as they are stock springs with 130k on them. It's on my list of things to upgrade before I hit the track again, but I need to pull the heads to find out how much damage there is before I decide what I'm going to do. The plugs were two step colder than stock Brisk plugs and I had c16 in a dedicated fuel cell. There is without a doubt an issue with the nitrous kit, but I have all winter to sort that out. Thanks for you input concerning the miller tool. When I looked at the images of it that was my best guess as for what it did. I should be able to leave the headers on the heads when I pull them out right? bill