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  1. hmm, maybe the whole case.
  2. sixpack? I would've guessed twelvepack.
  3. which bolt was missing?
  4. I've had three getrags, they all clunk. It's even more prominent with an alum driveshaft. bill
  5. BFNY does transmissions work too. bill
  6. 2 post 1cup.
  7. Does anyone have 1 plastic cradle/yoke for non mds 6.1 lifters laying around that they don't need? Or know where I can find one? I had a set of lifters stored in my garage, and one of the cradles was broken. It was NOT one of kids. None of them touched or even saw the parts. Which means it was probably used as a shitty boomerang. Please let me know, as I have someone that needs the lifters, but need all 4 cradles as well. thank you. bill
  8. "They're coming to get you, Barbara."
  9. I don't smell it inside, just in the garage after I pull in, or if I'm walking around the car while it's idling. I'm a custom metal worker, and spend most days in some kind of food processing/manufacturing facility, so my sense of smell has probably degraded quite a bit. My wife says it's a big difference, I don't really notice it.
  10. I think n2o is going to shorten their life as well. The guys at N2O Outlet, as well as my tuner, recommended I get rid of the cats. I put on a set of kooks and catless pipes a little while ago. I had to do an obd11 scan emissions test in IL. I fucked around with o2 sensor spacers and steel wool for a few weeks and could not get the appropriate sensors to reach a ready status for the test. I sent a copy of my tune to Johan, and he was able to trigger the ready status. The car passed the next day, much to the disbelief of the guy administering the test. If you need to pass a visual inspection, then obviously my experience is of little use to you. The exhaust smells stronger now, and the car is pretty loud. bill
  11. I paid for a few issues of that magazine that presumably were never printed. was that a speedlogix endevor?
  12. there have been more than a few fast cars with Nivomats.
  13. man, you are all over the place.
  14. You might need new axle seals.
  15. Poland makes great tape.
  16. Finally, someone telling the truth about paddle shifters, and how they work.
  17. If it isn't pulling timing on 93, I don't think race fuel will make a difference. It might be a little slower. I think it's best to run the lowest octane you can without incurring stknk. If you have a tune written to take advantage of race fuel, then you would see a difference? bill
  18. I can't figure out how to reply to a post, only to create a new topic. Please help me. I was trying to reply to the "how to see new content" post. I click the Unread Content folder under the search bar. bill
  19. I have a set of 6.1 mids but they have had a bunch of c16 and n20 ran through them. I don't know if the cats are any good or not.200 plus shipping from 60467.
  20. Hello. I busted something at the track a few weeks ago and want to pull the heads to get a better look to determine if I can repair, replace/upgrade the heads, or if I'm looking at a new motor. Is there anything I should do differently than instructed in the service manual? It looks pretty straight forward, but I know lots of times there are better/easier ways to do things. What does the Miller Toolspart#9070 do? Is it for aligning the push rods? I ordered all new bolts and gaskets and want to know if I need that tool as well. I have 90% leakage in cylinder 1 and melted ground straps on those two plugs. I poked around for bit with a scope and didn't see anything out of sorts. The top side of the heads looks to be ok, so I'm thinking maybe some damage to the exhaust valve or seal. I think that most of that 90% leakage was coming out the tail pipe, but it was hard to tell for sure with my crappy air compressor running almost continuously. thanks, bill
  21. I'm not sure of anything these days. I talked to Erik and he told me that Craig didn't do anything to the heads that would change the preload. Im guessing that I didn't telescope the adjustable rods out enough and that gave me a larger preload than I actually have. A few days into it and I don't think the valve train is that loud anymore, just a different sound than I was used to. under the hood the the injectors are way louder than the heads are, but from the side it sounds like the vavle train from the headers....I hope?
  22. those numbers are the difference between the adjustable pushrods and the rods I'm using. I backed the adjustable rod out until I could just barely turn it by hand, then measured that with a set of calipers, subtracted that from the length of my pushrods. What is the preload I should shoot for? 0.100? Is it better to error on the long side or the short side?
  23. I only had time to tear apart one side, here's what I found. #2 I-0.144, E-0.114 #8 I-0.148, E-0.118 #4 I-0.170, E-0.112 #6 I-0.130, E-0.129 Are these preload values in the acceptable range? bill
  24. I will check the preload, but in the event it's off, what do I do about it? custom length pushrods? the pushrods I put in were 6.650 and 7.875 , 0.80 wall, 5/16". bill