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  1. Sorry, spaced it out. Family has been in town all week. I'll try to get it checked this week.
  2. Set of used upgraded beehive valve springs with retainers, locators/shims, and triple bead keepers. No indications of heat or rust, no broken coils or ends. I'll check spring pressures at work Monday (Bought used from an mmf member, don't know brand) - 100 + shipping
  3. Wrong button .
  4. Zex nitrous bottle, still has gas in it (probably 3/4 full) - 100 + shipping Aeromotive digital nitrous pressure gauge - 100 + shipping Nitrous outlet hemi plate. Looks new, traded a buddy for it. - 250 + shipping NX remote bottle opener - 75 + shipping I have some solenoids in the car if anyone wants them. One is a BIIIIG ethanol NOS fuel noid and the nitrous noid is an NX iceman noid. Both in decent shape and work - 100 + shipping on both, or 60 + shipping split. I'll post pictures of everything but the solenoids later (solenoids are hidden inside car so pics are hard to get.) Located in Dexter MI 48130
  5. I have a set of ported 6.4 heads with stock parts. I can get springs pretty quickly and slam them together if you'd like.
  6. "The show me state" = "he shoots meth state"
  7. Like I said in my edited post, I thought the title inferred it held THE n/a g3 hemi record. Not A n/a record. My bad.
  8. I understand the difference but your title claims this car holds an n/a g3 record, when it's slower than a drag pack. Not knocking it, just keeping people honest. Edit* NVM, I see what you're saying now. I thought the title was inferring that it holds THE n/a g3 record.
  9. Is this record excluding the n/a drag paks?
  10. Interested in trading them for some porting? Edit* I'm also in houston
  11. That's what I was thinking, but was wondering if you knew. I'm not sure calculating it is possible, I think it would have to be measured as ramp speeds can be different from cam to cam.
  12. You don't know the duration at .050" by chance, do you?