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  1. Front and rear tires are sold. Thanks Joe
  2. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Been real busy with work. The tires are just under 26" diameter on the rims. I'll get a quote for the shipping to the commercial zip tomorrow. It's cheaper going to a business than a residential. Thanks Joe
  3. Yes still have them. Residential or commercial shipping address?
  4. Thanks Rob. Let me know when you try the shorter tire how they work out for you. Joe
  5. rear wheels are sold! Still have the front skinnies for sale. Joe
  6. Hello everyone. It's been a while. Sold my car in 2014 and I have front and rear wheels and rims for sale. Front M&H Drag Radials mounted on Chrysler rims. 185/50r18 Rear M&H Drag Radials mounted on Cobra R rims. 275/40r17 Front and rear balanced Rims and tires were brand new. Ran less than 10 times on the track at Challengerfest 4 $600.00 takes the set. If you want them shipped you pay the shipping fee. I'm in northwest Atlanta. Thanks Joe
  7. Cool Rob. Hope you make down here would love to see you run that bad boy. And if you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask. Joe
  8. Rob What GA event in the fall are you talking about? If you run here let me know. Joe
  9. Wow! That's gonna be a badass ride Rob. Congrats and good luck! Joe
  10. Nice!!! Congrats!!! Joe
  11. ..... Maybe if you catch me after a few stiff ones. Joe
  12. Got it. I told you I sometimes I am a little slow. And besides Jim ain't the only one who doesn't read whole treads.... Joe
  13. Somtimes I'm a little slow Dale. What would you expect to find in an engine with 60k running a catch can? Joe
  14. Not really it's that most folks know auto's are faster..... This timing chain shit started a while ago. I've only seen auto's going down. Crusing at highway speeds and kaboom. How many actually have broken? Only Chrysler knows that. Joe
  15. I've tried to get info on this a few times and the only thing I found was one write up stating the second plug fires on the power stroke for a complete burn of the gases (emissions) and you get an additional bump in hp. Other than that I have no clue. Joe