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  1. Front and rear tires are sold. Thanks Joe
  2. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Been real busy with work. The tires are just under 26" diameter on the rims. I'll get a quote for the shipping to the commercial zip tomorrow. It's cheaper going to a business than a residential. Thanks Joe
  3. Yes still have them. Residential or commercial shipping address?
  4. Thanks Rob. Let me know when you try the shorter tire how they work out for you. Joe
  5. rear wheels are sold! Still have the front skinnies for sale. Joe
  6. Hello everyone. It's been a while. Sold my car in 2014 and I have front and rear wheels and rims for sale. Front M&H Drag Radials mounted on Chrysler rims. 185/50r18 Rear M&H Drag Radials mounted on Cobra R rims. 275/40r17 Front and rear balanced Rims and tires were brand new. Ran less than 10 times on the track at Challengerfest 4 $600.00 takes the set. If you want them shipped you pay the shipping fee. I'm in northwest Atlanta. Thanks Joe
  7. Most LEO's I have come across are cool. But I have met a few pricks. I have one next door neighbor who is a Cobb County cop. We are like family. And when he's off duty he's off duty. Across the street is a County Sheriff's Deputy. No problems there. Joe
  8. Nice job Guys. Congrats to you both! Joe
  9. Looking good Dale. Joe
  10. Who makes Carbon Fiber Doors? Joe
  11. Deja vu. Same shit a couple years ago, a wack job on a bike wanting to race me. He too rear ended a cop in a black SUV. Fucktard. Joe
  12. lol Joe
  13. That sucks Sean. Definatley need to get you a DD. Joe
  14. Good luck Mani! Hope you hit it! Joe
  15. KSU Police were at the intersection of Chaistain and Busbee today Bill. Droped some dough in their bucket. Joe