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Jungle Jim

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  1. Paid thru PayPal, but didn't ask or give area for comments. So Speedy when you see "jamessob@twc.com" that is me "Jungle Jim". By the way, love your Utube vids.
  2. How the heck are we supposed to clean our cars to go to Challengerfest when the temp is still in the 30'-40's. Really frustrating.
  3. Can someone tell if race fuel will be available at the track? If so what kind and method (pump or 5gal can)?
  4. All paid for with reservations made. Going to be GREAT time as usual.
  5. Speedy, Didn't find anywhere to put info on paypal page. Just paid for the following: 2 cars (both car show), 3 individuals, 1 racing (my Sublime Hellcat), 1 spectator at track. I think I got all the correct. All 3 will be with the 2 cars for show and all 3 at track with the 2 cars but only 1 racing. If wrong payment let me know. Will be there for Friday and Saturday nights. Jungle Jim
  6. Speedy, I don't see anything about shirts for this year. Want to be sure that I get order in on time this time around.
  7. Hotel booked, signed up and paid up...woohoo...now just have to wait for CF7 to arrive.
  8. All booked and counting the days.... Now how do I pre-register for everything?
  9. I'll be there again with my Sublime Hellcat, now with lots of BT bling. Hope the extra weight doesn't slow me down.
  10. No it isn't. Just a coincidence. I received my name many years ago while in the military.
  11. Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks anyway and will figure it out...........
  12. Thanks for all the great pics.....mine (car number 22) looks awesome. Sure seems like a long wait until next years CF.
  13. I'm selling my 2012 Challenger SRT8 and want to remove all of the addresses in the nav system. Which fuse do I remove to reset the nav to default (original new setting)???
  14. Selling my 2012 Challenger SRT8 and want to set nav system to default (no addresses). Since none of the fuses are marked for the nav, which one do I need to pull to reset?
  15. Thanks Speedy, see u tomorrow.