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  1. You can buy the razors edge one directly off there web site. ...fyi
  2. "Hot start enrichment" hum my car may need some of that to? Starts perfect cold but longer crank when warm. Any tuners here had to mess around with this setting??
  3. Tempting send me a price and location. On another note i had a 0406 code after the last track session so i swaped in another egr valve...no change but did notice the rockers are quaking away again. Changed oil to 10w-30 non synthethic and motor was whisper quit again and zero knock for a 45min drive. Thats twice this has happened now and an oil change suddenly stops the rocker noise and the indicated knock completly dissappears ??? I guess i will swap rockers assy's again. Was maybe 1000 miles on the full synthetic mobile1 10w-30. I'm baffled :-/
  4. Zero knock for two months and now its back :-( car runs and drives perfect. You cannot feel anything its very smooth. Something is definitely wonky in sensor system?? You go from all over indicated knock to zero to all over...same tune same gas station?? I give up on this fricken motor..time for a 6.1 swap.
  5. Here is the log from the track. Is the car pulling timing at launch?? ok well I tried to??? "you arent permitted to upload this kind of file"...what the f is that??
  6. What afr should the 3.5 V6 running 11 psi be at wot? I'm at 11.1 is this a little on the rich side? It is turbo charged so maybe thats ok?? Cruising the afr stays around 14.4 or so. Car runs smooth but I think there's more on the table??
  7. In my case at wot the pcv is blown closed. I'm just wondering where the crankcase gets its fresh air from under wot? My breather side is or will be connected to the turbo inlet and the pcv side will be closed. Or am I over thinking this? Dont mean to thread jump buts its sort of the same issue[emoji41]
  8. if you put both sides under vacuum then do you still add a breather for fresh air?
  9. Rockers still quite and no knock. Guess its track time saturday. Time to put this big block V6 in the mid 11's
  10. Motor was built 1200 miles ago. I don't think it was still the build oil in it? I changed the filter twice and was planning on changing to fully synthetic at 1500 miles. I still think it's my rockers acting up. The lash adjusters can get air in them and start making a clacking sound. I drove the freeway for an hour to try and get some more gas out at 20% throttle. Funny thing is right in the service manual it states to "pump them up by running very low rpm for an hour at low speeds to bleed all air from the adjusters" this of course is after a new build. If it happens again I will change the rockers out. I'm still email tuning with Johan so logging constantly.
  11. I changed oil to mobile1 and no more knock? Rockers are whisper quite again too. The 3.5 motors have plenty of rocker issues, ive just never data logged when one was acting up. I'm still not convinced its not an intermittent sensor. Euther way I will keep an eye in it and see if it comes back. Im just glad it wasnt "real" knock on my 1200 mile fresh build.
  12. Thanks speedy and no boost till I figure this out. The rockers are clacking pretty good now. I will change them out monday and see if that stops it.?
  13. OK you tuners out there. what the fuck is this? while data logging during e-mail tuning something is haywire? is this bad gas?, or a bad knock sensor/, exhaust leak?, rocker arm noise? (3.5 motor has a history of bad rockers) this was from one tune to the next. all previous revisions do the same thing. car runs perfect too. motor has 1200 mile on a fresh rebuild and is running a single turbo with 11lbs of boost. It has a new tank of 93bp gas so it will be awhile before I can rule that out. anybody ever see a log like this??? p.s. car has zero st know until thermostat opens?? not sure if the pcm reports it until engine is up to temp?? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5GFJaDYc_yPNWp3LWN2QjFveDdDQ2paUFNuaGlGVDFDMVRB/view?usp=sharing
  14. 2009 and 2010 non getrag is 215mm axles. All getrags are 226mm axles. r/t manuals and srt autos are are the same 226mm axles even if they have different part numbers. Now hows that for confusing. ;-) also all manuals regardless of trim are getrags with 226mm axles from 2009 on.
  15. I had a boost sense line become disconnected. then was showing off with a slightly surging not fully warmed up yet motor. Aka broke a ringland [emoji24] was an expensive mistake!!