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  1. Maryland speed is a all out crook we have been waiting for over 12 months for kooks headers or a refund going to small claims cort. It is a mater of princible now
  2. thanks for the input witch ones are less likely to break parts it is a long ride home from bowling green
  3. input on race tires in 17 in bolt on 5.7 auto srt axels stock drive shaft 373 getrac 3400 converter AJ tuned and tcm just trying to make rite choice the first time any help will be appreciated
  4. still have ? pm sent
  5. are the wildwood calipers in the pics still avalible
  6. if this deal falls throu im interested in them chuck
  7. intune I 1000 used on 2010 all cords papers and box $250
  8. sounds good anything but black how about purple
  9. not bad fore a guy who said no more racing after detroit
  10. did you get it fixed
  11. probably the guy who hooked it up
  12. DiabloSport InTune I-1000 for Pre-2011 Like new - in original box $300
  13. thanks
  14. any input on stainless works long tube headers for rt 5.7 thanks any input appreciated
  15. thanks to everyone involved and the sponsers thanks to phil for putting up with my stupid qestions we had a blast and thanks to lisa for calming jenny down