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  1. Well, maybe. My brother would like to buy it. If he buys it I would still have access for some shows and to drive it every once in a while. My problem is I love cars when I am working on them and fixing them up the way I like it, but then I get sick of them when I am done... It's a sickness that needs professional help I assure you... I have thought about selling it and using the money to front fund my two kid's college funds. However, my wife says we are ok without the money from it so now I may keep it a while. I would really like to get a Gen 4 Viper, but they are still quite expensive. I really like the "Street Serpent" Viper. The convertibles are unbelievable looking! They basically designed a rear end that looks like the Viper coupe and put it on the convertible. It is also wider by (I think) 4 inches, and shorter by a couple. So, for now I am storing it for the winter because the weather is already getting crappy in Central Illinois. I would love to take whatever I have to the show in Kentucky and meet some of you guys.
  2. Yes, next spring I am going to get rid of the mud flaps and go with some clear bra material. I do like the spoiler. It looks really good in person. The 2-D pictures don't do it justice.
  3. I see. Well, I looked again. Lowering would help, but maybe wider tires on the rear. They just looked recessed in the quarter panel--maybe it is an illusion because of the billboard?
  4. Nice car. It does look good topless... Thanks for digging up the pictures! (Just looked again... Man, those wheels look small on the back)
  5. It is a Magnuson, and I am running just 6lbs. of boost since I do not want to start breaking other parts just quite yet... Eventually, I will run more, but I don't have the money to put into beefing up drivetrain components just yet. When I do get ready I have been told this is the best forum for ideas on such things! Thanks for asking!
  6. Someone asked about the white letter tires... The raised white letter come from a company called TredWear. You can find them on the Internet.
  7. I think you can try autoformgroup.com Just so you know... What you would be getting is the large center section that is between the headlights. The rest of my front on mine is OEM except we painted all of the black piece that surrounds the headlights the color of the car and the new cuda grill so it looks like one large piece. Many people would not have gone to that extent. Probably the easiest and least expensive way to make this look good is to paint it the same black as the stock grill. That way it would match all the way around it. Funny you should mention that... I was at a cruise in last night and I was saying the same thing. The 73-74 tail lights were very cool. I have an idea... Find a picture of some boobies and stare at them for about a minute then immediately look at the car pictures and I think you will see boobies on the pictures. It won't last so you will have to repeat...
  8. Best of luck in the racing event!!! I'm in Central Illinois, so it's parked from mid-November to about mid-March or when the salt has been washed off the road by a good spring rain! I see you have run 11.065... Nice! That is so close to breaking into the 10's, but as we all know cutting times is quite hard the lower you get. Geez, I gotta get to sleep so I can wake up early to watch my kid's soccer game. Nice chatting with you and everyone for that matter.
  9. Here are a couple pictures of the 1971 Cuda showing the silver on the grill that we were trying to match. Of course, I certainly agree that differing tastes may want to go a solid color be it black or the color of the car. I love the convertible...
  10. The grill is actually the original argent silver. I did look again and it does look more like white. In person it is a much darker silver. The sun was shining on it so it looked white. I will see if I have a better picture. Yea, if it was white it would look really bad, but since I see it in person it isn't close to white. Yes, I have a couple and will post them when I have more time. The SC does not show up much because the shaker covers most of it. Yes, the shaker is still functional. In person the grill is killer. That is the first thing that draws people to the car at shows and I have a lot of positive comments about how it looks. I think black would look great too, but it may just disappear into the rest of the grill. I agree about the crease line. I always liked the Cuda design better. The white letters are real rubber and fit into the outline on the tire's letter. They glue on and look just like raised white letter tires and not something that was painted or even attached. I will check where I got them and post it in case you or someone else is interested. Wow, it must be nice to live in a warm climate where you can drive nice cars year round. Your car looks awesome by the way. Love the burnout and the lift in the front pics.
  11. Thanks. This experience has been very interesting. By that I mean that I have had almost every part of the mod considered the best part by different people including the bumper. My favorite part is the grill, and then the hood.
  12. Quality low production products are always more expensive than people would think. For all the work in development, testing, making molds, fitting, re-working, etc., that has to be done even before the first part is made is very costly in time and materials. Then after everything is finalized there is time and materials for producing the part. I have more of an understanding of this due to my profession as a college professor who teaches cost accounting. While I do not expect people to fully understand my area of expertise like I probably know virtually nothing and am most likely ignorant in whatever field you are in, it would be helpful to everyone if people understood why things cost what they do. I do not mean that statement in an offensive way. If it is too expensive then just walk away like you did.
  13. Gotcha. Understood. You may very well be right. I am not sure what you are referring to on the rear? Could you post a link to a picture if you get time or just a picture. I would be very interested. Anyway, the grills are not that expensive... I may have to get another and paint it black. One thing that I like a lot about the AFR products is they are not too crazy expensive at least compared to some of the stuff I used to buy for my former Viper.
  14. I copied the paint scheme on the grill of a 1971 "Cuda. The fender gills are simply stuck on. The way Steve at AFR makes them look like there is a hole there. It is very funny at shows watching people put their eyes up to them trying to look through. Even up close it looks like it is a hole. I will post a picture that I have and try to take a better one if you want me to. Yes, that is a label on the front of the hood. I took off all the DODGE badges on the car and found pictures of original '71 "Cudas and tried to match their badges. That is a PLYMOUTH badge that was made for a '71. Yea, I understand. I never was either. They are done pretty well and really look OEM in person, so that makes up for it somewhat...
  15. Here are a couple of pictures of my AFR Cuda build. I still have a couple minor items left though... There were a few members on here that wanted to see the final product while others hate the idea... lolWhatever your opinion, here it is... Enjoy or throw-up...