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  1. Winner, thieves always hang together.
  2. Just guessing but if true congrats, the color matches your personallity. Tout
  3. The first new cast block just came off the engine dyno last week and is headed to Bruce for install in Linda's car, will be close to what Rob runs with hardware and such. First billet block is slated for Rob and I think it's in final machining , but could be further along.
  4. They can be cut to allow the room for an intercooler.
  5. Force feeding a cat with a 4.2 hum?
  6. My large trailer has one of these, great if staying at the track for more than a day, for day trips can't beat the EZ. www.canopyguy.com
  7. I felt bad for the barbecue guy, seems very few used him, weather was cold and windy, but where were people suppose to sit down and eat? We ended up inside at the bar which I don't think went over well.
  8. Cutting it close again,need to pick one up at HHP tonight and load the rest tomorrow afternoon in between getting work done.
  9. It's going to be clear and cold, great racing conditions, that racing jacket will perform two functions .
  10. Are you sure it's going to hit?
  11. If coming from the east, PA,NJ, NY, what route are you taking?
  12. There are a few variables Chuck, some guys get 30- 40 pass's before the Hp starts to break down the side walls? extreme HP cars, we get about a season out of ours but that works out to about 80-100 pass's on the Hellcats, dedicated to the track only, don't let a old tires ruin a day at the track trying to guess what to do when it may be the tires.
  13. I'm probably very close to the limits on the A8, if it goes Ben gets the rebuild at Enhanced.
  14. J You can make as much HP as you want, it's getting everything else to survive, that's why I said what I did,
  15. Why the fuck would we stay at 900rwhp after switching to a bigger blower? GTFO with your nonsense. You are really dumber than the tumble weeds that blow across the road,