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  1. Hey Murray (and anyone anywhere round Texas) if you haven't floated too far downstream by July 11, 2015 empty dat CC and roll to dis!
  2. From the land of swirling flood water, wondered of pictures also? Did you go with Centerforce because you no longer have your stock flywheel? I have read a couple of reviews that put this clutch with the Spec one (not AS bad but close) and the thread poster stated that McLeod had a patent for the adapter plate to flywheel, and that's the reason Spec/Centerforce have/come with flywheels?
  3. You got that right! Living in the armpit of Dallas has two advantages, when I used to travel it made anywhere else a joy to visit, and seldom did anyone want to follow me home (bums and leaches), but the number one reason is the way I have always spelled it Dallass, Texass we have hands down the finest tail in da state, even if you're just looking it is a nicer view up here!
  4. We have quite a few Challenger folks, or folks I've met/know thru forums moving here to DFW area (McKinney is in that area), no big deal don't get together much cause they are mostly busy at whatever jobs they moved here for guess. But good speed shops especially Hemi GenIII are very few up here, seems most are errr....... native idiots tuning Ferds and Chebbys so if you want to open a speed/engine shop you could probably pull it off easier up here, since the only decent shops seem to be in Houston area (oil money), but the way DFW is growing it would be a better bet, country is nice to retire (not for me though) if ya wanna make a living gotta get nearer da city IMHO.
  5. Forgot to add, be prepared to be called Caliboy for the rest of your life here, like Murray's referred to as NewZealandBoy!
  6. Amazed at all the folks coming to Tejas, glad to have the company! Most all the hippies we had in the 60s-70s all moved down there, to Lake Travis mainly, now when I go down there they all complain about all the others that moved down there, used to be treetops, now all rooftops, ! But town is college town, so you always will have liberals there, music and great BBQ make going to town always sweet (err and the college girl scenery), and hippy hollow (plum naked swimming) is always fun UNLESS a bunch of old (my age) hippies are there, that memory my be indelible?!
  7. Ahh you are just jelly that they never bothered to put a 6-M in the station wagons, really slings dem groceries around though, there is a thrill to raising the nose on every shift, them blue tops will never get ya! I think Alan admitted a few posts back he cratered the last motors from missing shifts, good that he's gone to da auto (and NA) then guess!
  8. Soo dat Barton gonna fix U right up, make you a " Top Stick", very cool!
  9. Lufkin? Slowly SHE turned... step by step...! GF lived there for 20 years, said it was wasted years in hindsight, I lived near there in Crocket years ago sandy loam on red clay, every rain even 4-wheeldrives get stuck, need a dually to get around till dry. No ticks but fire ants you would not believe, had a creek front of my place, creek full on rain with water and huge balls/islands of fire ants, my be a nice place to retire and DIE, but living there kinda sucks, make a ton of $ then get da fuck out IMO!
  10. , like in "Worlds End", just proves you're a Human Bean! I have a question, any top sticks using Barton shifters? Figured if Murray can ask CatchCan questions here, I could ask that now?!
  11. Congrats! Maybe the Dali-Lama reincarnate, but then again they all look like little Monks at that age!
  12. Congrats, really great to see her ENJOYING the new car soo much, to be working on technique on a production car to get to 10s is outstanding and a "youthful rush" I will bet! WTG
  13. ^^ What did you buy a Barton, then trash talk this shifter and now want money for it? $55 for the Larry's mod, you can keep the rest, !
  14. That wasn't too long a story, got my first one bout same time and was keeping it UNTILL they built the PCP, had to trade/start over so I think you have already decided to keep yours, if the new one was really calling you, it would be done deal! You can Whip-ple it any time you want, and with a brand new "hobby" coming in July, it is gonna end up being a dependable "parts/supplies getter" for the new hobby. As much as I love mine and would like to maybe SC it, it's already too much for the traffic, can't imagine trying to drive a Hellcat around but if they build a PCP edition, all bets are off, ! And SCing/breaking 392s you can just read Alan's builds, , but seriously have the motor built to 383-392 then supercharge it would cost plenty of time/money still have the memories/origanal car, and watch out for another Hobby, sometimes kids are like PotatoChips hard to stop at one, tee hee!
  15. Running Borla ATAK now, sweet and loud but get rotten mileage as the sound sooo sahwheet over 3.5K RPMS!