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  1. Your friggen right! No vote, (like an ILLEGAL), no rights pal!!!!!!!!! Navy or not. By the way, Aim High AirForce!
  2. OP; sounds like you got things nailed down! Nice. Good luck with everything.
  3. Not so sure about the E85. I don't know anybody personally with it, I can only tell you what I found out from talking to a few different builders. From what I understand E85 out of one pump may not be the same out of another. It's not as "regulated" from what I understand as the fuels we are used too. That being the case I'd hesitate to mess with that and my tune. Also, although it is a little cheaper, you need more of it to produce the same amount of miles driven so you'll be at the pump more. If your hell bent on a Procharger, I'd skip the E85 nonsense and use that money for a ported 6.1 intake. Just my opinion. Hope I helps. Good luck, have fun, please be safe.
  4. Way better choice over cam, yes it is. However, this is a 6.4, correct? If so, go twin screw for about the same cost. Get rid of that angled intake that the centri would be using. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. ...and that's basically what I was getting at OP. That 274 is shit. Small gains and to boot they are all on top. Not what you want for a 4200 pound 1/4 mile car. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Your welcome. I'm not doubting Arrington, I'm sure they did get those numbers. However, I bet those are peak numbers. They probably peaked toward the end of the power band or very close to red line. By that time the race is over. My numbers are very strong and consistent from about 2200 all the way up to red line. That 274 is junk, sorry to all that has it. It's a fact. Big fat dog down low where a 4200 pound cars needs plenty of torque to get it rolling. I called Comp Cams themselves and they said believe it or not on a 6.4 they would rather see their 270, not 274. Anyway, still not enough to justify the dollars that went into it. Of course I was hoping for more and was told that it's probably not going to happen, but I just had to see for my self. Do it all over again? With this fucked up angled inlet on these 6.4 intakes, nope. I'd pull that off, twin screw, 7 psi, no more, quality tune, and your good. Want more? Pistons, rods next step. PS- $7200 is exactly what I paid, parts and labor for heads, cam, long tubes, high flows, dyno tune. The ported intake, throttle body, and cat back was already on. Speaking of the intake/throttle body, save your money. Quite frankly, Apache heads are the bomb diggity. Leave 'em alone. They flow very well. Very well for even 7 psi. Good luck.
  7. '13 6 speed SRT; cam, big gas heads, long tubes, high flows, cat back, ported intake, ported throttle body=45HP/55TRQ. Not impressed, and in all fairness, my tuner said I wouldn't be. Told me "super charge and be done!"
  8. Hmmm, not doubting you, glad it worked for ya. However I did call Comp Cams a few months back and spoke in depth with them about their 266, 270, 274. I'm only going by what they said. 274 was too much cam for a 392, "won't give the power you need down low, and the motor needs to rev high to make power". Another actual quote the dude threw out to me was, "bigger isn't always better". I'm no mechanic, so I have no choice but to listen to the pros. Would you happen to have a dyno sheet that shows the power/torque curve? I'd like to see at what point the motor starts to make power. Thanks man. Glad it worked out for ya.
  9. Little off your main subject, but if I may ask why do you want a 274 in your 5.7? They are actually too big for that motor. I called Comp them selves and was told that they don't even recommend that cam for the 6.4-that their 270 would be a better match for that. So just a little food for thought maybe I can save you from some disappointment.
  10. Of course the track is where it's all at. But for a guy like myself who is 3.5 hours one way to the nearest, it's not easy getting there. Anyway, i know the norm is to want to see time slips, and he produced some nice ones given his mods. That's the correct way to see and check your gains. However, the reason why I want to see his dyno graph is to do a comparison. We have the same motors with pretty much the same mods. Big differences is he's an auto, I'm not AND the cam specs. It's all about the cam grind and how it helps these motors. His a comp 274 mine a Crower custom ground by inertia motor sports. I hear just as many pros as I do cons on the 274 as I have been hearing about mine. I'm having some doubts on weather mine is the proper one for my motor, so all the data I collect the better educated I will be.
  11. thanks man. I saw your time slips, impressive. Would you happen to have a dyno sheet so I can take a peak at the torque curve? Curious to see what the 274 looks like.
  12. Nice times man! Can you, if you don't mind, elaborate on any other mods you have? Also where does AJ have your redline set at and where are you shifting? Auto or 6 speed? Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Then I'd use 'em. Very strong and dissipate heat well. Perfect for big boost applications. Check out MM web site on them. Good info. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Just going by what MM Extreme has on their site. They sell em so?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. They clearly state not for 5.7 motors. 392 and up. I have them on my cammed 392 and sorry I did it. Although I got them for a steal, I'm not getting the proper use out of them. I'll be honest, stock Apaches flow freaking well out of the box. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk