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  1. That is awesome!! Congrats!
  2. Is this option available with a trinity? What temp would you set it to? I can't get my car inspected right now because my 02 sensors are not cycling. If i could fix this myself that would be fantastic!
  3. Awe snap, i have my eye on that driveshaft. Let me try and scrape some change together for it. GLWS. Where are you located just out of curiosity?
  4. I was revving up to 2k rpm and then mashing it and launching, maybe i should not be launching at 2k?
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone i guess maybe the only mod that is needed at the moment is the driver mod I have always told myself that i will never just throw horsepower at my car unless i am getting the fastest 1/4 times that i can possible with my setup and more power is the ONLY way i can go faster. It seems the case right now is that i need to learn to drive it better at the track although I do want to start looking into drive train upgrades. I will keep things as is, and work on launching and my 60ft. I have data logs from the 4 passes i made the last time i went to the track so i am going to try and start the process to get those over to OST so they can take a lookie and then go from there. I'll post more slips when i get them, thanks again!
  6. 15.5 in the rears and 40 in the fronts. 3.06 gear ratio.
  7. Agreed i thought i would get into the 11's for sure. Here is the slip, i am in the right lane. I was running 28x10x17 hoosier slicks and 4.5" front skinnies.
  8. Its an Auto. 2013 R/T
  9. Understood but what about my transmission? I was told i needed to upgrade it before i put an 8lb pulley on?
  10. I just did not have the extra 1k at the time when i had my block rebuilt to get forged rods :-( I will get them done at some point soon if i dont break something first that needs immediate fixing. I track my car at least once a month and REALLY want to throw that 8lb pulley on.
  11. 600 hp ,700 lbs of TQ @3400 rpm.

    1. CruzKing


      no problems with getrag srt axles and stock drive shaft at 5oo hp and 490 tq.

  12. 600 hp ,700 lbs of TQ @3400 rpm.

  13. hahahaha I know i know. Sorry about your misfortunes but glad everything got sorted out pretty quickly for you. Curious what your dyno numbers are, I am sitting around 505tq where are you? Drive train upgrades are next on my agenda. I will do my best to break something in the meantime.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I have been told that i am pushing my transmission pretty hard with the 6lb pulley so i need to beef up my transmission before i swap pulleys. Also need a DSS driveshaft i think. Damn this expensive casual hobby i have! :-)
  15. I have these posted over on LX also but figured i would post these here in case someone is in need. I prefer a local sale but willing to meet someone halfway if needed, i am in Austin, TX. I have some brand new power stop slotted and drilled rotors for an SRT8 that i never got to use. I paid $400 from Summit racing for the fronts and rears but willing to let go for $275 for a local sale.link for the fronts:https://www.summitracing.com/parts/PWR-AR-8773XPRthe rears are the same type of rotors, can post a link if needed.Price (USD): $275Location: Austin, TXShipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within CountryShipping Cost (USD): $0