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  1. I would like to know more about this issue. They run the same Timing Setup 5.7 and 6.4. Both auto and Manual. I do notice they did change the part number on the 6.4L tensioner and Now the 5.7 has the same Part number as well. Maybe Mopar knew about the issue??????.
  2. These are pretty damn expensive. Limited edition you know.
  3. Just released. Strongest tensioner on the market!
  4. Unless they sold Big Als car last night, It isn't his car.
  5. Good Call! Never noticed it. Getting on that now. But Actually in the English Dictionary it can be used either way. English [edit] Noun vender (plural venders) Obsolete spelling of vendor.  [quotations ▼] 1773, Stanfield Parkinson, preface to the Journal of his brother Sydney Parkinson's Endeavour voyage, page 18, Can it be supposed, that a man of Dr. Hawkes-worth’s discretion and abilities would enter into an engagement of this nature, and make a purchase of such moment, without enquiring into the title of the vender? [edit] Anagrams
  6. Do you bring the sand and salt water when you go to the beach normally?
  7. I like the Choices above but I think there needs to be a couple of other deciding opinions as well. I lwould like to nominate GSO as another Candidate.
  8. This should be enough advance notice for everyone to be able to make arrangements. This is going to be the Premiere East Coast Event for Mopars. Chevy has there week and so does Ford. Why should we be excluded. This is an all mopar event so bring the Classics out as well. Circle track Racing, Road course events, Drag Racing, and car shows are going to be a part of this week. Old School Vs. New School. Need you guys there. http://moparsatthebe...mopar_week_home
  9. Thought about the straight axle but wanted to see how far the IRS could go. Dammit if Ligenfelter can do it with a camaro so can we.......
  10. A normal off the shelf build on one of these cars is about 3-4 weeks form front to rear. Then you get into the one off builds like this that takes a little longer to put together due to R&D and the availability of the parts. About the equivalent of a ginger bread house vs. the white house. No offense taken.
  11. Well atleast you have a realistic build time
  12. Who told???? DAMMIT GSO!
  13. It is Bad ass. We like to call it our "Quest for a 1000RWHP"
  14. Thanks! It was October of Last year when we got this car. She has come a long ways since that day. She will be in Vegas the Second weekend of April for Mopars at the Strip.
  15. First time for everything......