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  1. So many Srt8 challenger in UAE plenty of them BUT NONE OF THEM SUPERCHARGED thats why i wanna sell mine ouside UAE Shopping is so much expensive , i only can ship it by Aramex company ... the one who wants clear pictures please email me sexy-danger@hotmail.com
  2. i would sell mine 5000USD shipped to any country..
  3. Sooooooooooo any buyers ? !
  4. wow nice price is the new style better then the old ? ? or just a different look ?
  5. Hello guys Am selling my Supercharger Magna 2.3L with the Whole kit that comes with it Plus the Arington carbon fiber Air intake filter. i dont know how much i can sell it for but its so clean and only drove it 20000K Kilometer i have the Stock Pulley and smaller Pulley which is 2.9 i got extra new belt also ... Guys shot me a price and i can Arrange the shipments from UAE to any country ! i cant upload pics here so if you r interested pls let me know ur email so i can send you thx !
  6. so you know who wants it ? cuz i wanna sell it !
  7. i got standard pully 3.4 and i got also 2.8 pully as well
  8. in US how much ? !
  9. hello guys am thinking to sell my magna charger TVS2300 with its whole kit + the diablo tune i wonder how much i can sell it for since its used ! thinking to get kenne bell 3.6 L ! if any1 know how much could i sell it then tell me !
  10. <p>i cannot upload anymore its not working , the only pic i can upload 50k no more <br /> <br /> what i can do ?</p>
  11. it looks much better in real
  12. well then i know its not that cool but.. i will leave it on you to say. its a polished black carbon fiber from mimo dash kit which i bought from ebay . sorry for the bad quality .. but it looks more better in real.