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  1. I checked production date an the version i have looks like i have an early build and a early Version... 4/12/05 v 4.05 im wondering if this is causing the issue to not BING and show disabled in the screen,.
  2. I just bought and 06 Magnum SRT and had motor mounts just replaced so I wanted to get on it so I tried disabling the traction control I held the button down for 10 seconds and I've never heard a BING my 06 300 SRT if you hold the button down for 10 seconds it will bring but the Magnum doesn't what's wrong with the magnum traction control?
  3. here are some pictures
  4. I have a Nano system for sale looking to get $400 for it...these are getting hard to find..
  5. Ok cool i spray around 3000 rpm..so I'm thinking I can take timing in the middle and upper RPMs.. I've been spraying a 75 shot the car runs fine..I'm getting ready to put an AEM wideband in a few days I want to make sure it doesn't go lean while spraying... how much can a stock bottom end handle it's an 06 300 srt8.
  6. I'm going to start spraying a 100 shot I'm thinking -4 degrees to start should be ok..or should I go more..and should I do all 3 fields or just the 2 upper areas?
  7. I just bought an AJ hemi tuner TCM i had him set the shift points to 6400 rpms i know i need to raise the Rev limiter now a few hundred over the factory setting is there a write up or video on how to do this in an Intune? thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks guys I think I'm going to go with the AEM uego...
  9. Cool thanks I hope it let's me data log on the intune i think it should.
  10. I'm looking to install and air fuel gauge.. what is everyone using ? Also would like to be able to hook it up to my intune for data logging.. thanks.
  11. What did it change? I did email me he said he can build one for me..what does his tcm do,?
  12. Ok so when getting a convertor it's also helps lock up 2nd gear too right?
  13. What is the advantage of running a custom TCM..I know you should with a higher stall convertor to lock up 2nd gear but what other reasons are there to getting a good modified one?
  14. Thank you....
  15. Ok so i can go into the Intune hit raised shift points it will go to 6400 do i need to adjust anything else why im in there?....im close to 6200 while im spraying dont want to shift into 4th at the end of the traps....Thanks E....