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  1. Injector Dynamics ID1300's, these are cleaned and flow tested by Injector Dynamics. $1250 shipped. I have the flow test sheet. Went to ID2000's that is why I am selling.Pro-Torque 4400 stall for Nag1, $500 shipped---SOLDLong tube headers, Stainless Steel Works, 1 7/8" primaries $650 shippedMoroso aluminum coolant tank $100 shipped----SOLDEibach Pro-Street coil-over Kit $650 shipped---SOLDArrington Cam SR-2B 223/234 .560/.555 lift 114 lobe $200 shipped ----SOLDComp Cams custom grind cam 230/236 624/624 lift 113 lobe $350 shipped6.1 stock heads complete 35000 miles $650 shipped SOLDRear Lakewood drag shocks $100 Shipped, Using ATCO coil overs in rear now----SOLDAll of these were on my 2008 Challenger at some point in time over past 5 years. So the parts fit that car. Parts local to Houston, can meet or pickup in area.
  2. 1 7/8" primary Stainless Steel Works Headers with catless mids. O2 extensions included as well. These are in excellent shape, removed to upgrade to 2" primary headers. New these are $1400 asking $1000 plus shipping. Local to Houston for pickup. Off 08 Challenger
  3. Not my best 1/4 mile run (9.94 @ 143 mph)but it was very satisfying to beat a million dollar high end sports car with some American muscle! Thank god it was only a 1/4 mile race. https://youtu.be/SSPNjhKzoG0 Video is not the best quality but shows the win! Better quality video https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=ZAoQmJZBX7E&u=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DHiT37vlWzuI%26feature%3Dshare
  4. Very impressive!! Congrats
  5. ID1000 set for sale. only 2500 miles of use on them. $700 shipped. Local to Houston. http://s1296.photobucket.com/user/Chris_Paskaruk/media/IMG_1188_zpsr6u5dzgh.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  6. Update on solution for those who may have similar issues. Turn One makes a heavy duty PS pump to resolve issue. I informed them of my issue and they said that they install a heavy duty bearing assembly and input shaft to be able to with stand the abuse of a supercharged car. $550 for the pump and about a week for them to build. Hopefully this will solve future pump failures.
  7. Thx for the much needed info ! Good to have multiple options to remedy this
  8. Got some info from Karl (Lowlife) on how he modded a newer style PS pump to work with his 4.7 KB. Going to try it out!
  9. I need a solution to my 4.2 Kenne bell system to not shear off my power steering pump shaft. Does any one make a independent drive system for a kenne bell ?? Is the a more heavy duty PS pump that I can buy? Was at track Saturday, this weekend, sheared the PS shaft off first pass grrr. Took home replaced pump with a reman'd one, (big mistake!) went back to track Sunday and on second pass shaft sheared off again, looks like bearing on PS pump seized up causing shaft the sheared off again. http://s1296.photobucket.com/user/Chris_Paskaruk/media/IMG_0839_zpsznrn8vqr.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 Any help would be appreciated for this issue
  10. Not exactly sure if that is the software he is using but probably
  11. Yes it is blower only, very pleased with the progress as of late Still Nag1 as well, running Mike (OST) newly programmed TCM today and it worked out great!
  12. Yeah that was wild when he flipped and the corvette was damn lucky, as it barely missed hitting him
  13. Got another PB today at Royal Purple Raceway, 9.48 @ 149.3
  14. Big change we made from last summer was re-tune for E98 fuel. Made huge difference
  15. Running 19 psi on it at the moment. Still playing with the tune, we feel there is still more in it Got another test and tune at track next weekend, so hopefully I will have more PB's