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  1. I picked these up with air/oil separator that I will be using with Whipple. How does air/oil hook up ?
  2. 300srt forged 6.1 heads/cam, 2.9L Whipple built by Erik@BFNY tuned by AJ and Erik. I don't have light switch effect, i enjoy driving the car, road trips racing with no surprises.
  3. Nice setup, really looking into matte finish
  4. Thanks for all your work
  5. I've got ARS, solid billet 1/2 in hole and I believe 15mm if you need to get to it from bottom. I was having serious belt chirp with dayco this solved my problem. ARS vs dayco
  6. BT coil pack covers
  7. They are also a vendor here. Erik posted a video of it on my car for belt chirp. No adapter required, has 1/2 inch hole and also 15mm notch on the bottom should you need to access it from the bottom.
  8. I had same problem with Whipple can. I installed BT can coming off the pcv before the Whipple can, it seems to be doing a great job.
  9. I'm running Continental DWS extreme contact 295/40/20 255/45/20. I've been really pleased with them for couple years now, good traction and wet road handling. Forged 6.1, heads, cam, Whipple 14lbs
  10. No sure don't. I use about 16 inch rachet with no problem.
  11. Your in good hands. Erik did my 300SRT also, forged 6.1, drop in pistons an rods, custom cam, heads, 2.9L Whipple 14psi. I had gt500 tensioner, pain in the ass with 300 have to drop fans just to get skinny rachet on tensioner if you should have to change belt. I sold it an went back to dayco, also running hhp power steering pulley.
  12. You probably seen mine on shop talk. From pcv to BT can to whipple can, using lower oil vent to lmi.
  13. The ribs are always good along with the corn. Beef brisket or smoked sausage?
  14. Paid an booked, can't wait this is gonna be awesome. I have good time every year at Woodward but this is gonna be over the top.