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  1. Hey guys, i am at my wits end and was wondering if someone can help me out? In August 2015 i discussed with Jason at AGP about a twin turbo set up for my challenger, after a few phone conversations about time frame ( was told 3 weeks ), quality, it sounded good and he knew what he was talking about so we both agreed to get it done, i sent him full payment of $13,000 USD August 20th 2015 because our dollar up here was going to shit. Well here we are a few weeks short of a year and still not one positive thing to report, i was told in december it would ship, was told in march it was close to shipping, hell even last week he said it would ship. He does not answer his phone anymore and his text or facebook messages are vague, like pulling teeth to get answer out of him, i was told it would ship this week and surprise, its thursday and no response or invoice emailed........ If anyone lives in the reidsville, NC area and would like to check on this stuff for me, i will gladly pay your fuel, meals and time for anyone to help me resolve this without going through the legal process, i just wanna race with my family and move on either way! Thank you all.
  2. i had to cut them off, no leaks!
  3. set of afco shocks for LX everything included 300 springs for front and a set of 250 and 275 for the rear complete and ship at buyers expense $1000 obo
  4. this kit is completely custom and comes with everything you can imagine, accommodates both 8 rib or 12 rib dedicated drive, eliminating the use of that silly little cog belt, unfortunately it wont work for my engine anymore, it demands more air and would need an F2 to feed it properly so i am selling a system that is better than any system procharger makes for our platform, the brackets are cnc machine from t6060 aluminum have many 8 rib pulleys and an 8 rib crank pulley also have many 12 rib pulleys as well as a 12 rib crank pulley so its really 2 systems depending on your goals up to 1200hp with no belt issues or slip, the blower has 94 miles on it and comes with 4 bottles of procharger oil all the piping for a challenger with twin red race valves and a custom FMIC and brackets 8 rib belts 12 rib belts, EVERYTHING, over 20k invested in this system, serious offers only and have pics and videos of it working flawlessly on dyno! will ship anywhere if the offer is right! i would never expect anywhere near 20k either, im not high
  5. just ordered a sandwich filter base, M22x1.5
  6. What do you have to do to go from HID to the basic headlight?
  7. cleaning shop, used for a month and went to a th400. 5" aluminum, mates to 6 spd and a 1350 u-joint MAKE AN OFFER, shipping at buyers expense!
  8. as a package $1000, over 2k worth of stuff!
  9. Had these brackets custom made to eliminate any flex the original bracket had and they work and fit perfect, even had the jackshaft seating surface tightened up to make sure the cog belt runs true under high load and made from billet aluminum! 8 rib pulleys -3.40,3.55,3.70,3.85,3.90,4.00,4.13,4.25 all in top condition! 2- adjustable idler pulleys with bearings 1- tensioner pulley with bearings 1- ribbed idler pulley with bearings 2- jackshafts with new bearings 2- blower cog pulleys 2- jackshaft cog pulleys 1- 8 rib procharger crank pulley 3- gates 6408MGT30HD cog belts (new) SERIOUS OFFERS PLEASE! will ship anywhere at buyers expense!
  10. i had a pwr motor now its gone dirt cheap, it was built at the very beginning of his downfall,it has not failed me at all and has served its purpose just no room to grow, just recently i asked him the specs on my build, he didnt have a clue, was worried about the ring gaps were not enough for the power i was gonna put to it, was told it would handle 1000rwhp now its only good for 850rwhp, like a cheating whore its being ripped out and replaced with something that will handle 1500rwhp. I feel really bad for the people "still waiting" and the ones that have been fuck over by him, i feel fortunate to get what i got even though it was not what i ordered or i would be in an Alabama penitentiary serving life and could have saved you all this greif lmao, my rant over! fuckin clown!
  11. sold, but it was built by PWR before he fukd up
  12. Forged low compression 419ci, purchaced and built in 2012, manley h-beam rods, manley crank,studded mains, manley pistons, custom grind cam, near .600 lift 232/243 duration@.050, thitek dual spring heads 2.16in/1.65ex, will sell complete less damper fuel rails and mounts if offered the right price! 3500 miles on it so far, went a different direction, this motor made 900+ rwhp with a F1-A procharger and runs like the first day i got it. Open to offers, but dont offer me a shoe or some shit like that, im in central Canada i need boots
  13. Are there any differences to these engines to make this work? wanna put my 6.1 based forged engine (long block with Thitek heads) where a mds 392 once was, the 392 has a whipple, what issues might i foresee? thanks
  14. Its really simple, don't use money committed to one job for another, its a top 3 business rule of survival but unfortunately 70% of companies do it, this type of mismanagement will destroy everything and ripple through all levels of any business and customer until it ends up like this, really sad that people can be this stupid when clearly its very profitable and stable if you commit to the long term. i knew something was up in 2012 when i ordered my engine,diff, very disorganized, and seemed preoccupied building his house and for me as a customer i just wanted what i ordered, 3 months late and not what we discussed, never thought of using him since, and i remember giving him the same advice i was givin when i started my business " dont commit to something you cannot deliver on, EVER" if you do your your on a 2 year plan to ruins! well its it little over 2 years and he is ruined and people are out alot of money and he is "safe" from everyone just because the "lawfull way" will not do anything but take more of your money and if you do settle, you still have to collect which costs even more, its a 100% loss situation, and even more when you get lawyers involved! Just a plain shitty deal.
  15. up here in Canada we have thousands of lakes and rivers and the law states if no body is found you cannot be charged with anything, the bayou has gators and lots of swamp............................BONUS jk........but not really...........