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Williams RT

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  1. no Greg got it right, wanted to know what the heads and cam added to the over all hp versus the supercharger alone? Since the supercharger only added 95hp over the NA head and cam hp?
  2. yeah the question was what did the heads and cam add hp wise over bolting the blower on alone? Because it looks like it added less than. 15 hp ?
  3. Is that a answer to my question ?
  4. Nice numbers, wonder how much hp the heads and cam added to the blower alone hp numbers ?
  5. you stole it there too been giving people that page for years
  6. wow, that is weak. I guess you get spoiled with 2009 and up stuff
  7. yeah but a 100 shot is only good for about 75 and bolt ons will not get him much, less than 500 total.
  8. People on here are a little slow as you can tell. All stock parts will hold up fine to bolt ons and a 100 shot.
  9. get the traction control turned off in your tune or put it in dyno mode with your hand held.
  10. Stole that from me bitch
  11. nah that's too fast for JZ
  12. Could be a replacement for the dakota, do they still make those?
  13. I was wondering if they were using a larger one all ready? Or if a larger one could be added?