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Williams RT

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  1. This is where you get maggie parts http://www.superchargersonline.com/ ask for Brian
  2. That's ok let him deal with Alex after the sale service, that is revenge enough
  3. all 2008 cars were
  4. what do you want?
  5. for the right price got a matching numbers 65 corvette roadster, needs restored 32k. 72 impala, 65k miles 6k. 63 ford f100 truck 7k. 2008 SRT challenger rolling chassis 10k
  6. what do you want? Guns, antiques, trucks, cars ?
  7. Yes, about 20 different cities daily. I buy several on there yearly.
  8. those were nice cars, that was about the last year I cared for. I had a 71 several years ago.
  9. I said muscle cars not expensive slow cars
  10. no thanks just vettes and muscle cars.
  11. just copy and paste it into your signature
  12. I like the 33s
  13. Who sells a 8 psi kit with a engine warranty?
  14. Well there's a new number 2 in the 10 sec cars as of today. Number will be up later I am sure.
  15. procharger FTW! you will not have the hood issues either.