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  1. Thanks fellas, Yeah that quaife diff and m&h drag radials is a great combination.
  2. Correct yeah 10.xxx
  3. Well this last weekend was cedar falls iowa 1/4 tracks annual Max mopar 3 day event. I took the win on Sunday for mopar muscle class and also hit my pb with all seats installed . My wife myself and several buddies had a blast. I am so close to my goal when I started my build I can taste it. I want a drive to your track 10sec car. At this point I feel it's down to finding the correct launch rpm. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/09/30/919b0f77932f86e87641da339399d164.jpg
  4. I am going to go out on a limb and throw out too it's b.s a tcm was recommended. A buddy with a jeep was recommended a ptcm for a bad valvebody by him..... Not cool I hope you weren't charged for it either......
  5. Welcome to year one woes
  6. Talk about a shitty situation
  7. Young man with a old man(95yr old) back. Fucker just ran out of warranty.
  8. So I am 38.... Am I a punk kid or old man? I know what my 17yr old boy would say....[emoji19]
  9. Yep that went over your head.
  10. Any sympathy I had for you was lost in that bet......
  11. It's all in approach. What I get out of this is a good point until your arrogance steps above and your basically saying if you own a 10-13 sec car your slow and don't know anything. One thing I have learned from this thread is there are less than 1% of people that throw copious amounts of money at a person or "company" and evidently think that is what makes a "8 or 9 sec" car. You seem to have it figured out with 2 claims of AJ and Arrington can make this car so I hope you actually get your goal. But they don't have your car???? And it's sad to see these stories. Also in the end remember if you do end up with a goal car don't be cocky an arrogant about it because at the end of the day you didn't do any work yourself you just threw way to much money at people before asking them of references of these cars they have already built so you know that can actually make it happen. Trust me when I say I have learned some things the hard way too but not on that level of cash involved. I do wish more people would share stories of bad vendors. But most get crucified for doing so. Kinda like when the Andy shit first started some were calling the folks calling it out dumbasses and other things till it was so factual nobody could deny his crooked ways.
  12. I wanted a dodge not only to be different but I like the extra leg and head room. I have a shitty back and hunching over to get in is hard and owning several mustangs there just came a time where being stiff in the morning and crawling in became quite old. Everybody has mustangs and Camaros . And crawling in a vette fuck that!
  13. Wow great quality Of work there. I take classes just to widen my skill set and welding was my latest class and it's not as easy as it looks! Nice stuff there!!!
  14. When I was doing that all times were very consistent and those nto5r hook ridiculously good on the street. It's nittos best drag radial. But not trying to jack your thread. It's hard launching a 6 speed on the streets. I know a guy with supercharged challenger tried to race my friends stock ss and had his ass handed to him . Granite the guy is a terrible driver. Honestly at the power level your at I am sure it can be a bit scary 1st through 3rd.
  15. Yes sir ! Brothers best in his gt500 is 3.8 on Bridgestone soo7 potenza. My best was 3.1 ish with nt05r nitto with old engine with a empty back end. I was running 3.3ish till I swapped to spohn rear ended upgrades .