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  1. I've got a 2.9 whipple on a 426 pushing 11PSI (think it was about 712 to the wheels). I'm hoping to hit the track this weekend but have only had her on the track one time with this set up and she was running 10.5x at 132-133 with high 1.5 low 1.6 60' times. My converter stall was too high which has been changed so I am hoping to better that a bit. Suspension mods are lakewood drag shocks all around, solid cradle bushings, 8.8 rear with 3.23 gears and I am running the 28x10 slicks. Hope you get it sorted out
  2. Lovin the powdercoat color. . .. looks a bit like the destroyer grey. Will this car be track only or will you be tearing up the streets in Ohio as well?
  3. The "N" on "Front" looked like they used some kind of stencil that was way off. . . lmao. much better blacked out.
  4. Sounds like you are going to hold out for the Grand Wagoneer in the works.
  5. Nice ride. Really like that blue as well.
  6. Wow. . .if that car has a cage and they still managed to shave approx 200 lbs. . . . . .they did a great job.
  7. Sounds like the car is going to be capable of high 9's out of the box which will put it in roll cage territory. If it is street legal that is going to be interesting. Go directly from dealer to chassis shop?
  8. Damn. . . . .bad ass car. Had that chain let go during the driveway burnout he would have ended up in the garage of the house across the street. . . .
  9. I notice a bit of a trend there . . . 16 of 20 cars have turbos. . .
  10. Congrats. Nice mix of vehicles on that list.
  11. Been too long since I've been on a track Dan. Looking forward to it.
  12. Man, I remember those being loooooonnnngggg events. . . . Good luck going rounds as my ride should be ready in time for the MSHS at ATCO.
  13. Great pass and congrats. Those Novi's make good power. Had one long ago.
  14. Jesus H . . . . not too far from where my current build is going $ wise. . . .. if I wasn't as far along. . . . . You drop the price any lower and this will qualify as a robbery . . . .