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  1. Is it out already? What's the cost?
  2. Looking to get rid of boost a pump on my 09 Challenger SRT8 Procharged P1SC1 stage 2, 7 psi stock block. I've seen the API and MMX fuel pumps. Any pros or cons? What are others using? Is new tune needed? Thanks.
  3. That's is a great member!! Way to help out.
  4. I'm going to hit local track street car races can't run slicks so I'm thinking of M&H drag radials.its for a 6 speed 09 challenger SRT Procharger with line lock DSS axles, driveshaft and Mantic clutch. I got race stars 17 just need to get advise is 275 good enough or will 325 be better? Thanks.
  5. Linda, Thanks I'll ask them. Gerard
  6. Linda I didn't see it there. Did I miss it? Thanks. Gerard
  7. Hey, I'm looking to see if anyone has a wiring schematic for 09 Challenger SRT 6spd. I'm going to hook up shift light and 2 step just want to make sure it done right. Thanks.
  8. They do look good.
  9. Thanks the pictures are awesome love the way they look
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions I'm leaning towards the 555R 275/40/20 those running the 305s do you notice any unusual tread wear? Thanks again!
  11. Well fluidyne, AC condenser and Procharger HO intercooler don't work well together. Kind of upsetting considering when I asked beforeI ordered if this would fit and was told yes and it doesn't. The cooling fans holes didn't line up, had to drill new hole to make fit no big deal. Then mounting the condenser 2 out of 4 holes aligned one I had to shim to make it work and the last hole mount is way off had to drill condenser mount and it's barely holding. Also factory hardware will not work had to get new bolts for fans and condenser. All these little issues and now having to notch bumper or see if I can shim it forward and have front bumper still line up. Just suck when parts use terms like drop in replacement don't fit. So wasted a weekend trying to make make it work but not enough room when intercooler won't fit and about 1 1\2 hours on the phone. So if you run prochager and AC you might have issues making it fit. Sucks dropping $600 on a radiator and more work to make it fit.
  12. Thanks for the response I forgot about the DSW.
  13. OK I am going to need some new tires soon for my 09 Challenger 6spd procharged. I have strip set up slicks and front runners 17s and I know I will spin on street tires but with the new Nitto 555G2, 555r and Mickey Thompson DR which have you used and like best for the stock SRT wheels 9in? I just want something stickier than the all season Nitto 420s I run on the streets and when I down shift for spirited driving I don't get too side ways or spin till 80mph. Thanks for any suggestions and feedback!