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  1. I'm sorry I missed it. Mine is today
  2. Houston-West Side
  3. What were they thinking of back then? Those 68-70 Chargers were even weirder.
  4. I have to agree with this. It's now an Alamo situation. We are out-numbered. Changing won't fix it, but it might get some votes.
  5. Follow-up. I was going to have the car towed to the dealer for a PCM re-flash. I install my stock tune and I start the car & now it is throwing 3 codes. I re-installed my custom tune to make sure it is still good in the Predator and all the codes cleared. Computer ghosts. I suppose there must be some correlation between the SRI mileage code, the accelerator position sensor and the Cruise control circuit. I have no idea how or why but what the hell. Now I wonder if the PCM is going wonky, (technical term). I'll wait and see.
  6. 05 Magnum 5.7 with custom tune and MTCM. I have a P1697 code which is PCM Failure-SRI mileage not stored. I am told that the computer can be re-flashed to correct this. The question is-do I restore stock tune and go back to the stock TCM before I have this done?
  7. Love the Daytona clone
  8. It's a good school for engine machining. My question would be-is this work being done as a school project with proper supervision? We all have seen what happens with a machine shop that doesn't have experience with modern mopars. Most shops I have seen don't have the right equipment or even accurate equipment. Paying for other peoples' learning curve sucks.
  9. News Flash------ EPA to back off on ethanol requirements. Now if they would relax the "boutique" requirements things will get a lot better. All the hot air that has come out of them was enough to affect climate change.
  10. Not to mention the massive amount of water corn requires. They are tapping reservoirs that should be left alone. The big agri-businesses got Congress to help fund the ethanol refineries, then subsidize the ethanol, and turned around and shipped it to other countries where they could get more money for it. I support free enterprise, but not taxpayer supported enterprise. Furthermore, ethanol ate my stock fuel pump in my 73 Charger. If you run a classic-replace all fuel lines and your fuel pump. It will eat up components in some carburetors.
  11. It's amazing what you can do with 2 big fuel cells in the trunk and a bed pan
  12. Driving a 4400 lb Magnum on Houstons' nasty roads I run Kumho Ecsta STX sport truck tires-255-55-18. Heavy duty sidewalls and a great load rating so you can throw 1000 lbs of stuff in the back. Fairly sticky & you can get 20000 miles easy. The other good news is you can survive potholes and only have to run 32 lbs of air. Fairly inexpensive and since I rarely exceed 135 mph, the speed rating is not an issue. A little noisy on some pavements but have great wet handling. I do run the Contis on my little car and love them.