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  1. https://www.wpsdlocal6.com/2019/02/14/paducah-man-charged-in-livingston-county-high-speed-chase/ LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KY — The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office says a man was taken to a local hospital after his vehicle flipped during a high-speed chase. Investigators say the man nearly hit several vehicles during the chase, including a police cruiser. In a news release, Sgt. Jason Kirk says he was driving south on Kentucky 453 around 3:45 p.m. Thursday when he saw a 2009 Dodge Challenger speeding north on KY 93 near the intersection with KY 453. Kirk says he saw the car nearly hit another southbound vehicle. He says as the car continued northbound, it drifted into the southbound lane — where it nearly hit a police cruiser. Kirk says he turned around, turned on his lights and sirens, and tried to pull the car over. The Challenger did not stop, and it nearly hit another vehicle as it continued down the road near Friendship Baptist Church. The sergeant says the Challenger tried to turn onto Heater Store Road, but the car was going to fast, so it flipped twice before landing on the driver’s side on the northbound shoulder of the road. That’s when Kirk says the driver — 43-year-old Jeffrey Lynn Collier of Paducah — got out through the passenger’s side window and took off running through the woods near the road. Kirk says he ran after Collier and apprehended him about 75 yards away from where the car crashed. Kirk says Collier was taken to Lourdes Hospital in Paducah for possible injuries. Collier is charged with one count of first degree wanton endangerment of a police officer, three counts of first degree wanton endangerment, one count of first degree fleeing or evading police in a vehicle, one count of first degree fleeing or evading police on foot, a count of speeding 26 mph or greater over the limit, driving under the influence on the first offense and failure to wear a seat belt.
  2. https://www.norwichbulletin.com/news/20190213/police-man-drank-drove-muscle-car-wrong-way-on-i-395-in-thompson THOMPSON - A Massachusetts man is facing charges after police said he drove the wrong way on Interstate 395 in Thompson in a 2018 Dodge Challenger Monday night, while under the influence of alcohol. At 9 p.m., Troop D said they received a 911 call reporting a possible wrong-way driver traveling north in the southbound portion of I-395. According to state police, troopers “saturated the area,” looking for the vehicle. Police said they received information that the motorist had corrected itself and was driving the correct way, however, traveling at varying speeds and unable to maintain a lane. Troopers caught up with and pulled over driver Jiovann Alvarenga, of Worcester, who was driving a yellow 2018 Dodge Challenger, according to police. Alvarenga failed standardized field sobriety tests, police said, and admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages at Mario’s Show Place in Webster. He was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol/drugs, failure to drive in a proper lane, driving the wrong-way on a limited access highway, illegal entry onto a limited access highway, conducting an improper u-turn and use of an improper signal. Alvarenga was issued a $500 cash bond and is scheduled to appear in Danielson Superior Court on Feb. 21.
  3. https://katc.com/ap-louisiana-news/2019/02/13/police-2-women-die-dodge-challenger-didnt-yield-to-semi/ CLAY, La. (AP) — State police say two Louisiana women died when the driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic and the car was hit by a tractor-trailer. Master Trooper Michael Reichardt said in a news release Wednesday that a trucker from Arkansas was injured in the crash Tuesday evening on Louisiana Highway 167 near the Jackson Parish community of Clay. In a phone interview, Reichardt said investigators don’t know whether the driver of the 2014 Dodge Challenger failed to see the 2015 Mack truck or ignored a yield sign when she turned left on the divided four-lane highway toward Highway 148. He says 20-year-old Madison Henson of Eros and her passenger, 22-year-old Corinna Hoffman of Shreveport, died at the scene. Reichardt says the crash injured 56-year-old Jerry Manhart of Camden, Arkansas.
  4. https://www.cbs19.tv/article/news/tyler-man-killed-after-vehicle-overturns-in-creek/501-f7022e81-fad6-4acb-a5de-d7f4dd3522c8 Photo by: Tyler Police Department NEWS Tyler man killed after vehicle overturns in creek The victim has been identified as Terry Dewayne Cain, 38. Author: KYTX Staff, Reagan Roy Published: 9:08 PM CST February 9, 2019 Updated: 10:53 AM CST February 10, 2019 TYLER, Texas — A Tyler man has died after his vehicle was found overturned in a creek Saturday afternoon. According to the Tyler Police Department, officers were called to the 900 block of North Parkdale Drive around 4:15 p.m. When officials arrived on scene, they discovered a vehicle upside down in a creek. According to police, the vehicle appeared to have been traveling north on North Parkdale Drive before it veered left, went off the roadway and into the creek.
  5. What a pain in the ass. Good luck, lawyer up.
  6. Happy anniversary Dave.
  7. Do you know how I know you are stupid? https://www.fox13memphis.com/news/trending-now/nfl-wide-receiver-calvin-ridleys-car-stolen-at-gas-station/907506962 NFL wide receiver Calvin Ridley's car stolen at gas station ATLANTA - Calvin Ridley had his car stolen at a gas station in Buckhead on Saturday night, police confirmed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Falcons rookie wide receiver was at a BP station when he went inside the store with his 2018 Dodge Challenger still running, said Atlanta police spokeswoman Officer Stephanie Brown. Between 9:50 and 10 p.m., Ridley told police, someone drove away with his car. He said his car was push-to-start and he still had the keys on him. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Ridley called for the public to help get his car back and added that he was grateful there was no violence. “Man they got me last night in Buckhead,” he wrote. “Car Stolen. No such thing as a safe part of town so be careful. Grateful there was no violence, they just got me at the gas station & rode out.” Ridley was the latest victim of a troubling trend known as “slider crimes,” when thieves target unlocked cars at gas pumps. He just completed his rookie season with the Falcons. He had 10 touchdown receptions.
  8. http://www.thedrive.com/news/26085/wisconsin-man-rolls-dodge-challenger-six-times-at-over-100-mph-walks-away-unscathed WTMJ SHARE The Midwest isn’t going to let Florida Man have all of the fun. 30-year-old Racine, Wisconsin man Tony Griffin was having way too much fun on public roads with his 2017 Dodge Challenger, when he barrel-rolled the muscle car a whopping six times at more than 100 miles per hour, according to WTMJ. The accident occurred near the intersection of State Highway 20 and County Highway V in Southern Wisconsin. And even though this happened in late-December, the man's miraculous luck is just now surfacing on social media. How miraculous? Both Griffin and his 25-year-old passenger survived. The two were both rushed to the hospital and according to police, their injuries were not considered serious. Not surprisingly, Griffin was hit with a drunk driving charge and went straight from Ascension All Saints Hospital to the Racine County Jail. The car’s face is ripped off, but we still have a pretty good idea of what kind of Chally this was. There’s a pretty big gap between the engine and the front bumper brace which makes us think it was a lower-end V-6 model. It’s no Demon, but that Pentastar V-6 still has no trouble getting up to triple-digit speeds. Judging by the wheels and the sunroof, it looks like this high-roller sprung for the SXT Plus. Also, anything other than an SXT or SXT Plus features badging on the front fenders indicating which model it is, which is absent on this Challenger. Remember kids; driving drunk is a bad idea, even if it results in cool headlines.
  9. https://carbuzz.com/news/ferrari-laferrari-will-inspire-next-dodge-challenger We figured this day would come and this new report from The Detroit News has confirmed it. The next generation Dodge Challenger will receive an electric motor, according to Fiat Chrysler CEO Mike Manley. Also according to Manley, the current generation Challenger’s (and Charger) time is limited but refused to offer a precise timeline as to when its hybrid successor will arrive. All he would reveal was that the new Challenger will debut sometime in the next decade. "The reality is those platforms and that technology we used does need to move on. They can’t exist as you get into the middle-2020s,” Manley said last week at the Detroit Auto Show. "New technology is going to drive a load of weight out, so we can think of the powertrains in a different way. And we can use electrification to really supplement those vehicles.” The current Challenger and Charger went on sale 13 years ago and both ride on even older rear-wheel-drive platforms. That platform, of course, can accommodate a lot of horsepower, such as the supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8. But future fuel emissions standards will force automakers to make many changes, as we well know. Take Ferrari, for example. Its LaFerrari is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 paired to an electric motor and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). This formula proved lots horsepower and performance can be obtained this way, and other more mainstream automakers have taken notice. "I think that electrification will certainly be part of the formula that says what is American muscle in the future,” said Manley. "What it isn’t going to be is a V8, supercharged, 700-horsepower engine.”
  10. Epic Trump move, it was awesome.
  11. https://www.riverfronttimes.com/newsblog/2019/01/16/violent-st-louis-kansas-city-meth-ring-was-right-out-of-breaking-bad Violent St. Louis/Kansas City Meth Ring Was Right Out of Breaking Bad Posted By Doyle Murphy on Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 1:03 PM COURTESY MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS Trevor Sparks led a large and violent meth ring, authorities say. Meth dealers hunting a drug thief in St. Louis are responsible for a pair of murders, including the grisly killing of man whose toothless, charred corpse was found last summer in a burning Dodge Challenger, according to federal authorities. The case began in July when FBI agents in St. Louis began investigating a 30-year-old ex-con named Adam Mainieri. They suspected he was selling about five pounds of meth every two weeks, according to a search warrant application first reported by the Kansas City Star. It didn't take long for investigators to trace his supply back to a major meth ring in Kansas City, Missouri, run by 29-year-old Trevor Sparks, authorities say. He was among a dozen Kansas City and St. Louis area residents indicted in December on federal drug charges. Prosecutors allege that the crew moved more the 1,000 pounds of meth over two years, pocketing $8.5 million as part of the scheme. An affidavit filed with the search warrant application also describes terrifying violence. Sparks, who has previous convictions for robbery, traveled in August with a crew of dealers to St. Louis in search of a drug courier whom he suspected of stealing $30,000 and a car from another courier in Winfield, about 4o miles northwest of the city, according to the affidavit. When they arrived, they met two other members of the ring — James Hampton and Brittanie Broyles — who were to help with the search, authorities say. Sparks believed that Hampton knew where to find the missing drug mule but was holding out on him, the investigators posit. So Sparks and the other dealers took Hampton back to a house in Winfield where another drug conspirator, Stephanie Thurmond, lived, according to the affidavit filed with the search warrant application. Court records show Mainieri also lived there. Sparks and two other dealers, including Broyles, tied Hampton to a chair with electrical cords and beat him, possibly with brass knuckles and kitchen pots, authorities say. On August 2, they bound up his body and put it in the Dodge Challenger, the FBI says. Sparks then allegedly had them get rid of him. Four days later, on August 6, Lafayette County Sheriff's deputies found the smoking Dodge Challenger in Bates City, a small town off of Interstate 70, not far from Kansas City. At first, the car and skeletal remains were a mystery. Sheriff's officials told reporters the body was too badly damaged to easily identify. But law enforcement agents tracking the meth ring later discovered the body had been Hampton. When they searched the property around the Winfield house, they sifted through a burn pit. Along with electrical cords, a black pot and a cell phone, they found a set of dentures. "It was believed HAMPTON wore dentures, however the dentures have not yet been identified as belonging to HAMPTON," FBI Special Agent Tricia McCormick wrote in the affidavit. "In addition, HAMPTON’S charred remains were recovered with no teeth." On August 8, two days after the discovery in Bates City, a truck driver found Broyles' body next to a pile of telephone poles in Kansas City. She had been shot in the head. The FBI suspects the 28-year-old was killed because she witnessed Hampton's murder and knew he had been dumped in the Challenger. Over the following weeks, law enforcement agents sent a confidential informant to buy meth from Sparks' crew at a house in Kansas City. When authorities eventually raided the place in December, they found Sparks hiding in the attic. As they walked through the house, they discovered guns lying all over the place, along with pill bottles, meth and marijuana. There was a bowl of loose ammo in the kitchen and more than $30,000 in cash, separated into stacks and bound with rubber bands. An informant told investigators Sparks had claimed someone had broken into his storage container and stolen 300 to 400 guns that he collected by trading trading meth. So far, Sparks and the others are only facing charges related to the drug conspiracy, money laundering and weapons possession. Authorities have yet to charge anyone in the killings of Hampton and Broyles.
  12. tried to send photos but modernmoparforum.com is not recognized. help