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  1. After reading the article Chuck posted, I can see how employees may not be too responsive. If they have been bought and have to worry about finding a job locally or relocating, they are probably not even thinking about responding to anything. Doesn't make it right, but I can't imagine dealing with that shit.
  2. So Arrington is still there and nothing has changed?
  3. Kick ass Greg.
  4. Its there now.
  5. My guess is Maryland Speed is just an office with 2 people running it, I truly have no idea if that is the case. The dealer has a giant overhead and has to have significantly more margin to maintain their cost structure.
  6. Wondering why the video is not loaded in here.....
  7. aP1 to D1 is night and day. I am no expert, but I am pretty sure the D1 has no issues up to 15 psi, the P1, not so much. Having had a P1, D1 and now a 6.1 based 426 I have a bit of experience. The D1 at 12 psi was fucking awesome, drive ability was fine, however smashing the throttle at 55 to 90 depending on the weather it was a smoke show, but fun as fuck. The big red race valve was part of the fun and the looks on peoples faces was priceless. I would most likely be still running a D1 but I had other issues and just needed to change directions. My 426 is maybe 500 to 525 at the wheels and in good DA runs 11.5. It is actually a shit ton of fun to drive and still pretty quick. Add the 150 shot and it ran 10.77 at Challengerfest back in April. If I had to pick which one, it would probably be the D1 just for the extra power and you can pretty much fuck with anyone. But the 426 is plenty quick and I don't need a rollbar at the track.
  8. By chance have you changed wheels and/or tires recently? That would be first check is the wheel/tire balancing to rule that out first.
  9. WTF over? http://www.9news.com/news/two-dead-after-airport-runway-test-drive-crash/473212677 BUENA VISTA - Two men are dead after a test drive gone wrong on an airport runway. The Chaffee County Sheriff's Office says they got a call of a vehicle crash at Central Colorado Regional Airport in Buena Vista at around 12:30 Friday afternoon. They found wreckage about 650 feet from the south end of the runway. Both people in the car were dead. Investigators determined the two men had been test driving the 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat with the airport's permission. The driver, 71-year-old Lynd Fitzgerald of Colorado Springs, and his passenger, 76-year-old Roger Lichtenberger from San Marcos, California were going at a high rate of speed down the runway, then went another 314 feet off the runway before going airborne over a ravine. After the car hit the ground, it went airborne again, flipping end over end over another ravine before coming to rest on its wheels. Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze says he believes Fitzgerald was simply going too fast and ran out of room on the runway.
  10. Heads are the bomb and Craig is a great guy.
  11. Good luck on the sale, I agree with Guy.
  12. Looks good
  13. Get after it JR.
  14. http://www.fox13memphis.com/top-stories/thieves-caught-on-surveillance-for-jewelry-smash-and-grab-at-wolfchase-and-oak-court/601384773
  15. http://www.nptelegraph.com/news/police_and_courts/police-chase-hits-speeds-of-mph/article_7ffea962-8ec6-11e7-b5bc-b3f46545bd3e.html Authorities say a North Platte man led law enforcement on a chase across multiple counties Thursday in a stolen sports car from a car dealership. North Platte Police first took a report of a stolen green 2017 Dodge Challenger from Janssen Auto Group on Thursday morning. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Lt. Dan Newton said officers had a suspect in mind. Between 2 and 2:15 p.m. CST, the Dodge Challenger was spotted in Grant, heading back toward Lincoln County. Newton said he did not know why the car was heading back toward town. “It stuck out like a sore thumb,” Newton said. Law enforcement tracked the car down Highway 23 into Lincoln County, although at more than 150 miles an hour, it easily outran law enforcement, Newton said. As Nebraska State Patrol flew an airplane overhead, the car couldn’t easily get away, Newton said. At south U.S. Highway 83 and Kaneb Road, the car ran out of gas. Walterio “Chris” Seabrooks, 26, was arrested on suspicion of felony theft just before 2:40 p.m. “He did not resist at all,” Newton said. The car had minor damage from the more than 12 hours away from its home. Newton said Seabrooks declined to give a motive or details about what he did with the car while it was in his possession. Newton said the car was left with a key in it, although those at Janssen did not know why.