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  1. And here we go.................
  2. Great video dude. And yea, they seriously are kicking ass. Really weird seeing some on social media saying no big deal. I understand some aftermarket folks been doing it for a while and blazing a trail, but for a factory to put this out is pretty fucking cool.
  3. Dude, I have been at Challengerfest during my wife's birthday!
  4. There is a few guys from Omaha that do it, I really need to do it soon.
  5. Nice ride, GLWS.
  6. Great video Speedy, that car kicks ass.
  7. A2speed.com call and ask for Don, or HighHorsePerformance.com ask for Bruce.
  8. https://www.myarklamiss.com/news/local-news/mangham-police-net-over-10-000-ecstasy-pills-in-weekend-traffic-stop/1526685537 MANGHAM, La. - (10/15/18) A Baton Rouge couple is behind bars after Mangham police find 10,000 ecstasy pills during a traffic stop. Police say that a blue Dodge Challenger was traveling nearly 60 MPH in a 45 MPH zone on Highway 425 south in Mangham. Once the vehicle was pulled over, officers say the driver Clark West appeared extremely nervous when asked where he was traveling to. When officers asked to search the vehicle, West denied the request and a canine unit was called. While waiting on the canine unit, the passenger, Quienetha A. Williams, admitted to police that she had a 9mm handgun that she owned. After the canine officer signaled, a search of the vehicle resulted in officers finding a black bag with more than 10,000 suspected Ecstasy pills that were packaged into 13 individual bags. West and Williams were placed under arrest and taken to the Mangham Jail. Williams is charged with Possession of schedule two with intent to distribute Ecstasy pills and Possession of firearm in the presence of narcotics West is charged with Possession of Firearm by convicted felon, speeding 59 MPH in 45 MPH, No Driver’s License, Possession of schedule two with intent to distribute Ecstasy pills, and Possession of firearm in the presence of narcotics
  9. I know there have been plenty in the past, but lets get this party started with this one. http://www.lex18.com/news/woman-arrested-for-raising-cane-at-winchester-car-dealership A Madison County woman was arrested accused of "raising cane" at a Winchester car dealership. Laqueeta Penman and her boyfriend went to the Rod Hatfield Dealership in Clark County to trade in their car. They got a Dodge Challenger, but Penman says her boyfriend changed his mind. She says the problem started when they tried to get the old car back - there was a disagreement about money and getting the key back. According to the citation, Penman was "raising cane" at the dealership. Investigators say a deputy asked her to leave several times when she was being disorderly but she wouldn't. Penman and her boyfriend are accused of fighting a deputy after he tried to arrest Penman. The citation says the deputy tried to use a taser, but Penman grabbed it out of his hand. "I don't know who was the scariest. Either it was the detective attacking me was the scariest, or the people at the car shop who watched it. It was 20 people and no one helped," Penman said. "I was getting beat down there." LEX 18 tried to speak with witnesses at the dealership, but a manager said there was no comment. Penman is facing several charges including assaulting a police officer and disarming a police officer.
  10. And she is killer in that class, ask me how i know....
  11. Good stuff ^^^^^^ You should start a new thread for that.
  12. The quiet gears are much better, but that is all I had. But you learn to love the noise of them. When I was running the D1, just idling into a car show with the Red Race Valve made people stop and notice my car, it was fucking awesome.
  13. Nice ^^^^
  14. Thankfully he got confirmed, what a shit show the Democrats created.
  15. Did you say May 3-4 for CF10?
  16. don't do that
  17. Unlimited, and it depends on who shows up on what kind of quick cars are there. Don't think there is any weight limits.
  18. Kevin quit the countdown, he is fired. 184 days?
  19. Of course there will be one, duh.
  20. Yea, maybe not a nice topic, but always fine to share for the lessons to be learned. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-dodge-challenger-big-rig-crash-20131111,0,3505518.story#axzz2l0TSDEtl By Ari BloomekatzNovember 11, 2013, 10:43 a.m. The driver of a Dodge Challenger slammed into a big rig Monday morning, shearing off the car's roof. The crash, which occurred at 1:10 a.m. at the offramp of the southbound 605 Freeway at Washington Boulevard in Whittier, seriously injured the driver of the car, according to the California Highway Patrol. The driver of the big rig failed to stop at the end of the offramp and made an illegal left turn "directly into the path" of the car, the CHP said. The Challenger became lodged underneath the truck, KTLA reported, its roof sheared off by the force of the impact. The driver of the big rig tried to drive away from the scene, the CHP said, but according to KTLA his truck stopped working a short time later and he was taken into custody. Officials said the driver of the Challenger sustained major injuries and was in serious condition.
  21. https://www.local10.com/news/florida/miami-dade/violent-crash-leaves-car-in-pieces?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar