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  1. Not sure what Demons have to do with 8 second cars. So far only one private Demon is even in the 9’s from what I understand. Though I saw 4 of them run consistent 10.1’s all day. Amazing how consistent they were, but lots of faster Hellcats out there at this point.
  2. I’ve got a 12.5 @130 with a 2.3 sec 60! But then i’m special!
  3. I Guess I never did. I got aggravated and threw it in the dumpster! Basically, the standoff’s on the plate were so long the even fully released I could spin the discs on the FW. That’s after it went up in smoke with less than 1k miles. Basically like so many suppliers, they can build stuff just can’t measure. Not a shim issue, just the opposite, too much gap. Rxt has has been perfect. Will never even consider anything else now
  4. I had a twin screw (Techco) for 4 years and have had the E-Force for 4 years and I can say that the twin screw has more potential, but the Edelbrock (or Maggie) is more composed on the street. Way too many folks jump into these things without thinking of where they want to go in the long run. If you want more than a streetable fun setup, then do the motor first and work your way up.
  5. It brought my original fake cf striped back to life. Made them look new.
  6. I know several with GMC and they like them. Couldn’t give me a GM viehcle. Just never liked them. Also just don’t care for the new Fords either. I will stick with my Rams or the new Titan as a second. Tundras have had issues with ride as well though they may be fixed by now. My 08 Titan was a great truck, just lousy mileage.
  7. My boss has been driving my old 2102 Ram and it has developed a pretty loud roar in the front end. The tires are recently replaced Coopers, the rotors and brakes have just been done, and seem to be fine. I'm leaning towards the bearings, but it seems to be coming from both sides. He has also had the ABS show some wonkiness from time to time with a code and some shuddering, but it was clear this morning when I drove it, just the roar. Not going to spend much time or money on it as he is looking for a new one and it will get traded, just wondering if anyone has heard anything. Truck is at about 90K miles. I'm telling home to get a Ford or GMC since this is the second time he's taken one of my Rams that was perfect when I handed it him perfect and it starts having issues as soon as he gets it. Some folks just don't seem to be Mopar lucky! He actually doesn't beat on them nearly as much as I do.
  8. 250 lbs of ballast should be about right. Basically dead body in the trunk.
  9. The best cure for vibrations on both of my Ram 1500's and my Titan was pulling the Goodyear Wranglers off and putting Cooper Discovery's on.
  10. "social" - so that's the new way to say smartass! :0
  11. You're a well known leftist whacko!
  12. I think NotSure bought them to maintain his Hellcat Challenger, and his Scatpack Charger, and his Kowalski Edition Challenger, and his Viper, and his Jeep, and his Ram, and his Nascar Pontiac, and his GT-R........
  13. http://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/news/arrington-performance-will-move-out-of-martinsville/article_d121c9c4-98b1-11e7-bec1-abc7547e5cac.html
  14. EastcoastMoparts has them for $15.59 per side. Just satin...
  15. Craig's heads are a work of art. They would certainly be on my car if they would work with my pistons.