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  1. If you're enamored of a H/C, then by all means go that way. All the mods in the world wont make it a H/C. You can make it smoke a H/C for 20K but it's not going to be close to the overall package. OTOH, you'd be just another Hellcat. The blood, sweat, and tears (and dollars) is what makes it interesting, but no it's not fun a lot of the time.
  2. Seems awful conservative. Are the new tires breaking loose? If not, hammer it until they do then back off from there.
  3. i think there are better options for the money from Stop-Tech and Baer. Brembos are good, but overpriced IMHO.
  4. 70123 New Orleans
  5. I have a pair of Hoosier 28x10x17 slicks. I replaced them because of age not wear, as I've been told that they get harder over time. They are probably 5 years old but only 25-30 passes as we only do CF for the last several years. Of course they probably have a dozen of so of Lisa's burnouts on them.... You can have them for the shipping cost as they are just sitting in my warehouse. Of course I am talking about the tires not any rims.
  6. 325 would be a brave choice. Hope you are not too attached to your Getrag!
  7. I got 18K on the original Brembos and that includes some track time and road course days so I can't complain on them.
  8. Two Getrags and a driveshaft was the carnage from one day at CF8, but I think all were on DR's except one Getrag was fine all day on DR's then broke when he made one pass on streets after changing back. You just never know!
  9. Place is turning into a truck site!
  10. Click bait. Nothing more.
  11. I was speaking of the whole hobby old or new it's a pricey hobby!
  12. Money, lots and lots of money.......Same as a new Challenger
  13. Woz, great craftsmanship on the designs. One small bit of feed back is that I think you had too much HellCat/Demon stuff and not enough for us regular folks. Thanks again for coming! I'm trying to find a spot for my new Red Monster Logo and I'll be sending the Demon head to a friend.
  14. Great for a street N/A car, just have to resist the allure of adding boost.....
  15. He was fixed Saturday morning. Our budding relationship with Martin CDJ is proving to be fruitful. Hopefully for both parties!