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  1. Just get the McLeod RXT. I've been through Spec and Centerforce, and the McLeod has been by far the best. Otherwise lots of folks like the Ram but it's a lot heavier. I know Hellcats that have been through clutches already. doesnt the Hellcat use the Viper clutch?
  2. They might help a little having a smoother surface, but mainly they give something more solid to support the plastic bits above. For most folks they just look cool. Sam and I have been talking about it. The biggest issue is finding a place to connect the struts that is mechanically sound. I think Sam changed the front facia and lost his support locations from the stock grille. He had plates behind the checkerboard grille, but went to a screen which wouldn't support them. IIRC. Probably have to just use cone big fender washers to spread the load on the plastic. My tow bar also goes through the grille so it should stabilize the top part a bit. Just leave the hook in when running. I'll make a new aluminum bellypan. Mine is pretty much destroyed - only useful as a pattern.
  3. Lost the Splitter again at the last Mile event. Last time I went back with the 2011 on my 09, but now that I am truly starting over I am deciding what the next one will be. I was thinking about going with the H/C front end as I've not seen most of the issues with the older ones coming off at about 165. I really don't want to do the H/C look. It is true that the 08-10 splitter is not still available? I had heard that. I am hoping to keep my bumper cover, but the tabs on the bottom have been ripped through several times and there's not a lot left to attach to. I will likely be adding a plate below it and struts to aid in vertical support. I will be making another aluminum bellypan for add horizontal support. My custom pan got tore up pretty bad when it hit the track, but I can use it as a pattern for the next one.I plan on turning up the sides to give more vertical rigidity. I have Andy working up a BOM, but was curious about any ideas anyone here has. It is amazing haw much difference the car feels at 180+ without the splitter and bellypan. The extra air under the car is not good.
  4. It doesn't take much HP to turn the blower with the bypass open. I only say it's immaterial as long as you are netting a bunch more power than you loseI realize your point is that the bigger the blower the greater the parasitic loss. Same reason the smaller blower will also lose efficiency as you up the boost.
  5. There are certainly worse things i life than stepping on one's own dick......
  6. I am trying to figure out why the power to spin the blower is relevant to anything except efficiency. Of course the bigger blower would be less efficient, but as long as the net at the wheels is increased then you've accomplished your aim. Of course the bigger blower has higher parasitic loss to turn the rotors, but as the RPM is cranked up, that loss begins to equalize as the smaller blower spins faster to produce the same boost as the bigger blower. I think Dodge hit a pretty sweet spot as 80 HP of parasitic loss to generate 11.6PSI is pretty damn good (much better than the industry average as I understand it, though I am not sure Eaton, Whipple, and KB provide much specific data on the subject. I still think the secret sauce in in the electronic bypass. And I am still curious how it translates on the Whipple. I know the Magnuson and EForce TVS2650 blowers maintain the electronic bypass and Magnuson says that the parasitic loss is only 1/3HP at 60MPH (no boost). I am sure Whipple has this sorted as well though it'll certainly have a bit more loss with the bypass open. I guess the Corvette folks are a bit upset that Dodge build a good bit of headroom into the Hellcat system and Chevy apparently did not with the LT4. I think the numbers at the track and the success folks have had at turning up the wick on the cats bear this out. Maybe making the 4.5 even harder to justify. In know the TVS2650 is making my decision as to where I may go next a bit tougher. Yes the 2.9 Whipple is nice, but the TVS blowers street manners are so impeccable that I am not sure I want another twin screw. http://corvettec7fiasco.blogspot.com/2014/10/efficiency-of-dodge-hellcat.html
  7. I've got the 4" Aluminum DSS and no issues at all, except finding a safety loop to fit. Never had a vibration issue.
  8. I think that's the key. Does Whipple use an electronic bypass rather than vacuum? Does the H/C tuning allow manipulation of the bypass? These are the $64K questions.
  9. I wouldn't want the huge blower on the street either, but don't know that I would base much on Karl's KB. Whipple seems to have their bypass sorted much better than KB. From everyone I've talked to with the 2.9, they seem to be very happy with their manners on the street. Compare that to the WOT box and other solutions that had to be developed to tame the light switch that the 2.8 KB (and my Techco) were. Then again, tuning has come a log way in the last few years. It just seems to me that if you want to turn your H/C into an 8sec track beast, it makes more sense to get a 5.7 or 6.4 and build from there. what's the point of getting a $70K car with a warranty and voiding. I know there's a lot of tech in the H/C, but not sure how well it is going to work once you';ve done everything in your power to piss off Hal.
  10. There was a white Charger at the Mile in Texas with the 4.5. Running pretty damn good. Ran 211.5. Built by Peitz.
  11. I did a little interview outside at CF8 and had kinda forgot about it, but ran across this on YouTube.
  12. If you're enamored of a H/C, then by all means go that way. All the mods in the world wont make it a H/C. You can make it smoke a H/C for 20K but it's not going to be close to the overall package. OTOH, you'd be just another Hellcat. The blood, sweat, and tears (and dollars) is what makes it interesting, but no it's not fun a lot of the time.
  13. Seems awful conservative. Are the new tires breaking loose? If not, hammer it until they do then back off from there.
  14. i think there are better options for the money from Stop-Tech and Baer. Brembos are good, but overpriced IMHO.