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  1. From what I saw there is free beer at the Dollar store.
  2. Come on GG! This is not one to mess with. A week is incredibly optimistic to get power back after a storm this size. My neighborhood was barely impacted by Katrina and we were out a month. Don’t be fooled by the forecasts that says it will drop to a Cat3 just before landfall, once it gets this big and stays that way for this long it will be pushing a lot more water than the wind speed might indicate. Katrina did the same thing so they tell us that it was only a 3 at landfall, but Mississippi got 27 FEET of surge! I am am worried that the string of fairly small storms NC has had in the last couple decades gives them a false bravado. I get aggravated with the media calling every minor storm the storm of the century and when it gets this much pre-press fatigue sets in. For good news, I see that the Cajun Navy has alreaded starting heading east!
  3. Time to try a new color..... https://www.laukemperauto.com/new-vehicles/#action=im_ajax_call&perform=get_results&search=Hellcat&page=1&show_all_filters=false
  4. I ran the Autolite Iridiums for quite awhile. Liked them better than Brisk. Biggest problem was trying to get the right heat range as they don’t give very good specs. Just find the NGK you need and cross them. I run 2 steps colder, but you know what you need there. I found the Brisk too cold for their rating and WAY too expensive.
  5. He may be trying to influence the midterms. I think I'll send him $50.
  6. I wonder what is meant by 'needs a new engine?" Might just need a short block. Could be looking at as low as $3500 or as much as $10,000. Pretty vague as to what is needed. There's a fair number of guys that swap the engine when moving to a stroker or just upgrading. If you look around, you can find a more than decent short block and set of heads and just cover the core charge.
  7. I said I would never do it, but CF9 got the best of me.....
  8. Seems like a goofy setup to me.
  9. I’m getting ready to add the x-Pel to the nose, hood, rockers, and Qtr panels. Shit is pretty crazy expensive, but I think it’s worth it. After that it’ll get the ceramic coating and tint. I guess I didn’t realize that it was all precut and not just applied from a roll.
  10. Do a search on FB for Tim Wood. He has done about all the research imaginable on 8 rib setups and had a few made up. His are the ones in the SHR pic before he and SHR went to war.
  11. Depends on my day. Many days I am at job sites and will drive the truck. Other days I may be downtown, or calling on on clients and the Charger will be pressed into duty. I’m sure Lisa will get some use as well!
  12. Thanks Linda! You car pretty much stuck the Charger bug in my head!
  13. Needed one car that works!
  14. I really didn't like the factory kicker system, so I swapped the front end to a Pioneer, and upgraded the speakers JL separates with a JL Stealthbox in the trunk. First installer tried to make it work with a Cleansweep unit, but it never worked right, Got a guy that did it right with the right adapters and it's better, but I won't change the factory unit again. They are now too deeply entrenched into the car's OS to be very good. I've also had more than one car audio guy tell me that he's had more problems getting good sound from the Challengers than any car he's ever worked with. Not talking about boom, boom, but actual good sound.
  15. Yeah, I was in the same boat. Just several really nice Chargers available, but no Challengers at all locally. Charger is also easier to live with during the work week if I need to take clients to lunch or such. Also, still have the red car for my two door/six speed fun. Don’t plan on getting rid it it and the Charger might make let me take the Challenger up a notch at some point if I decide to. It’s really at the edge of the point where it wouldn’t be much fun around town if pushed much farther.
  16. Nothing going in it but gas and ass (for awhile) oh, and a Tazer, and better tires, and....
  17. Not every day folks get a second chance at a classic!
  18. Do we have interest in the annual range trip. This has been the hardest CF to get a feel for since there's very little activity online, but everything is selling out, so I know we have more than the 70 or so listed. Range trip would be late Thursday evening at our usual location - Rockcastle Shooting Center up near Park City. I probably won't be bringing quite the arsenal I normally bring, but can certainly take requests if there's something in particular someone wants to shoot and I can accommodate. I would expect the time range be about 3PM. They have been pretty flexible in the past, but I do like to give them a rough headcount.
  19. Well Registration IS today. Range trip is iffy for me. But I will be around to point folks to Rockcastle. Got a goofy issue with the car I have to get straight first.
  20. I heard. We’re praying that things work out. Don’t sweat the tires. I will have jack and impact and can swap them for you.
  21. I wonder if Magnason might have information on their 2.6L kits for the 6.1. Haven't seen much from either them or Edelbrock for anything but the Hellcats.
  22. Very cool to see them involved. Would sure like to be able to do a factory tour as a rainy day option. I have asked them about it before, but they told me they were just not set up for such tours. They were however very nice, though I don't remember which of their VP's I corresponded with. I know they are doing training workshops in BG now so who knows in the future...
  23. Can I make just make a donation? I don't need an evil black rifle!!!