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  1. Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
  2. I was about to say I'm staying home from CF3 if you guys were going to start giving each other head, but now that I realize I read it too quickly.....carry on.
  3. If you don't worship women, fuck off. It's a requirement for the Lifetime Privates section.
  4. Use this stuff: Gummi Pflege Stift Cut the foam applicator into a rectangular shape and it is much easier to apply.
  5. I think SHE couldn't stand the suspense, so she told me. I owe that sweet lady for making my day.
  6. I have mine, thanks to a sweet friend.
  7. Thanks again, folks.
  8. Thanks for caring, folks. I just felt the need to withdraw for a while, I guess. I'll do a better job of getting back on here and on CLife. Love you all. *hugs*
  9. Well, he certainly made the head end leap, eh?
  10. hahahahahahahahahaha "It's okay, guys. I'm just trying to teach them how to play leap frog."
  11. I just drive mine all winter. Fun in the snow!
  12. If you've got the money and you're willing to spend it, go for it. The car looks great both ways, so you can't lose.